Disaffected Conservatives and Political MGTOW On The Right

Chase Him Away And You'll Get Her
Chase Him Away And You’ll Get Her

If you have read the Conservative Blogs for a number of years, then you’ve undoubtedly read many a post on Ace of Spades HQ. If you haven’t yet, I can still recommend most of it as satisfactory articulation of why we fight. And yet the cynicism creeps in even there. In reaction to Glenn Beck announcing that he was done with the GOP, Ace offered us the following good, hard kick in the teeth.

Yes, Establishment GOP, you can teach us that you will always lie to us, stab us in the back, humiliate us and crush us; but if you teach us that, be aware we are learning another lesson, too. Not just that “The Establishment Will Always Crush You,” but the lesson that There is no hope in any kind of conventional politics for those of us who want better than this Pile of S&^% the two parties give us.

Now this isn’t just some knee-jerk frustration. This isn’t in any way a one-off temper tantrum. It has been building for years. I don’t claim to read Ace’s mind or know his heart. I’ve just walked a few miles in his shoes since I began engaging on different blogs back in 2003*. The wire-pullers, ripe-sucks, apparatchiks and con-men consider the activist base on the Right a cheap blow-job when they need funding but not worthy of ever taking to the ball when the invitation calls for formal wear.

We’ve seen, essentially, an ideological purge of rightist opinion that doesn’t fit well with the GOP Corporate Narrative. The two issues where this is most acute are immigration and Obamacare. President Barack Obama has instituted policies that many Conservative Activists consider an affront to the United States Constitution. The insider caucus in the GOP has made peace with both policies and gives lip-service to opposing them when they need me to cut them a check. Once the meeting room doors close on Capitol Hill, [mc_name name=’Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000355′ ] and Speaker Boehner seemingly hate limited government with the same vehement resentment with which a drunk, horny preacher hates the Bible on Saturday Night.

When someone like Glen Beck announces that he’s taking his toys and going home, there is a certain snarky temptation to remind him to put them away back in the attic where they belong. There are also aspects of Ace’s pissed-off missive that I think should earn him an old, turd-encrusted boot right in the can. Here’s a choice bit that he should go take up with his Padre if he isn’t the sort that’s just too intelligent to believe in imaginary friends up in the sky.

For the past ten years of my life, I’ve made arguments, some of which I knew to be false, to defend and apologize for the GOP; I see now that I was a fool to do so.

But then again, why did Mickey Kaus just resign in disgust from the Daily Caller? They spiked one his columns because it criticized Fox News for not taking a hard enough stand against Barack Obama’s amnesty handouts. Here’s how the entire fiasco went down.

Kaus’s Fox-themed blog post this week received a much stronger response. Carlson “wrote me an email saying I couldn’t ‘trash Fox’ on the site because he worked there,” Kaus said, relaying the sequence of events. After Kaus saw that his piece was gone, and saw Carlson’s email explaining why, “I wrote him an email saying, in effect, is that really the decision, because if it is, I’ll have to quit.” According to Kaus, Carlson “responded with a very nice email saying he didn’t want to lose me, but he had to stick with the no-trash-Fox rule, one of only two rules he had (he said).”

You’ll need to search the RS.com archives to find columns of Front-Pagers who have taken too strong a stand against the soft-pedaling of illegal immigration by officials in Washington, DC. I predicted this would continue to plague the so-called Right Wing Blogosphere a few months back. On the issue of immigration the GOP Open Borders Corporatism Caucus has become the speech-stifling fascists that the left always accuses us of being.

So if you are reading your favorite right wing blog in the coming days, you will start seeing posters and commentators who speak out on the current immigration crisis increasingly getting banned. You will see them getting banned for saying things that are racist.™ If they refer to these people using terms deemed not appropriately sensitive, the back-channel call to have all of these people banned on sight is already being debated. You can read their minds because their linguistic choices reveal the sick and gibbering Klansmen that hide in their backwoods souls. They are racists™ and therefore anything they say, even if they happen to speak the truth, is tainted and invalid. The truth, if spoken by a racist™ is obviously evil.

Well, now we have the follow-on. The censors pushing the open borders at the expense of American tradition no longer have to ban all of their enemies. An epidemic of political MGTOW has begun sweeping the ranks of the loyal, activist base. When you lose Glenn Beck, you don’t even bother filing a missing persons report with the police. When you lose Ace of Spades HQ, you’re losing a piece of your heart. Lose enough pieces of that and you aren’t capable of circulating your ideas and memes very well. If GOP INC is really more ready for !HILLARY! than they are for their own base voters, it wouldn’t surprise me much at all if that’s exactly what they, and we too, wind up getting.

*- Primarily right here on RS.com since 2K6.

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