The Global Warming Scandal Is Political; Not Scientific

Says it all about fake Climate Science.
Says it all about fake Climate Science.

It’s a rare day on the blogosphere on which one of your strongly-worded, ideologically-driven invectives of scorn and spite enrages….pretty much everybody*! It’s possibly a sign that I’ve mastered the medium and am doing this stuff the right way. One such post of mine opined that Modern Science needed a version of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation to bring in some methodology to differentiate the science and the science fiction being published in modern academic journals. My particular gravamen of concern involved the appearance of deliberately mendacious and falsified “Climate Science” in courtrooms after Hurricane Katrina.


In the real world inhabited by people not geeky enough to care about esoteric uses of linear algebra to calculate convoluted statistical models, readers scratch their heads and ask why care? So what if a bunch of science wonks blatantly cheat? It won’t cost me any money, will it? Actually, it just might begin to. Mississippi attorney Gerald Maples has recently filed a class-action lawsuit against twenty-six oil companies. He claims that their CO2 emissions caused anthropogenic global warming, which in turn caused Hurricane Katrina to tear up lots of homes in Southern Mississippi. Maples explains the gravamen of his case. Maples says he has scientific proof that’s been ignored by Congress. The attorney will argue in court that oil companies and their impact on global warming are partly to blame for the excessive pounding south Mississippi absorbed during Katrina.

I’m no longer in favor of a Scientific Sarbanes-Oxley for three reasons.
1) The non-scientific Sarbanes-Oxley is a well-documented cradle of filth that fails to even solve the problem it was ostensibly concocted to slay. It should be laid to nines and replaced with regulatory legislation that exists to actually regulate rather than to merely over-empower the state.
2) Members of the scientific community are now actively unleashing anti-bodies against the pollution of charlatanism that risks the credibility of their entire noble enterprise. is an invaluable read. The next time someone brags about how they love science sexually, just search whatever idiocy they are spouting on Retraction Watch.
3) The people doing the worst damage to Post-modern America with cracked science aren’t holding PhDs in Chemistry and Physics. They are politicians who like something they’ve heard or seen from the scientific community and have hijacked it for their own nefarious purposes.


And yet the charlatans still mouth-breathe. This is not because scientists, per se, are any less honest than say politicians or professional athletes. It is more because any mendacity that gets into print as !SCIENCE! gets picked up and used as ideological or political currency. Once a published result, either erroneously or disingenuously, shows certain people what they truly want to hear, it goes viral and the dishonesty runs far beyond what science can be assigned as culpability. This has convinced a certain segment of the scientific community that you get more with a kind word and a big lie.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower predicted this problem in his farewell address. As I said tongue-in-cheek, he was the brilliant man who originally predicted Global Warming. Michael Crichton offers dissent – he blames UFOs. Eisenhower’s true words still ring valid today.

The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present – and is gravely to be regarded.

Yet others are more direct and empirical in parsing out blame. It turns out much of the warming being officially reported by officially official officers of officialdom is not so much warming, but rather a nice pleasant breeze that has cooled down the past. Hunh? More sudaphedrin there, RMJ? Unless you actually believed everything you read in A Wrinkle In Time, that just isn’t quite possible.

Well, you guys just don’t get the power of your tax dollars hard at work. Here’s how you cool down the past and create lots of Global Warming regardless of what the weather is like outside. First, you find an area of the world that has few measuring stations and assign those stations leverage consistent to the actual territory they cover, rather than their density of measurements. Two, “adjust” the crud out of their data by making prior years colder than they really were. Paul Homewood gives us the sickening details.


One of the regions that has contributed to GISS’ “hottest ever year” is South America, particularly Brazil, Paraguay and the northern part of Argentina. In reality, much of this is fabricated, as they have no stations anywhere near much of this area…

So rural South America covers a lot of the Earth’s land surface and has very few weather stations. Three particular stations show a massive heat-wave, building to an explosive Yellowstone Caldera of a climax in 2014 – !THE HOTTEST YEAR EVAH! But as Mr. Homewood reveals, it just ain’t so. As Homewood puts it…

So we find that a large chunk of Gavin’s hottest year is centred around a large chunk of South America, where there is little actual data, and where the data that does exist has been adjusted out of all relation to reality.

So what we have here is a dishonest manipulation of data for the sake of a coven of environmental cultists. If an educated man; rather than President Barack Obama, had stood in front of the American Nation and actually parroted the 2014 – !THE HOTTEST YEAR EVAH! Tripe for public consumption, I would worry for our great nation’s intellectual future.

Yet fortunately the lies continue to get exposed. The politicos who peddle this garbage will be tumbled from their high horses and left rumpled in dismounted disgrace. We don’t quite need a Sarbanes-Oxley Law to cure what is wrong with Modern Science. We just need to follow both the money and the data and that will reveal and debunk the liars every time.

*-Does wonders for the hit counter and Twitter visibility…



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