Don’t Drone Me Bro! Get Some Real Human Beings In The 2016 POTUS Race

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I’m appalled. The three leading names being bruited about as presidential material are the three least qualified individuals I could think of to alter our current headlong rush into the Late Roman Empire Phase of US History. Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush disagree on so little, propose so little, do so little and (if Hillary’s performance at Congressional Hearings is to be believed) care so little about typical Americans that they could break away and form the Ménage’ et Trios Party once they figured out who to stiff off the ticket. The only drawback would be the total inability to differentiate themselves from the demotic, pandering mush in the center of our two other major parties; The Demo-publicans.


What we need is a real human being in this race. We need someone to run for President who isn’t comfortable or satisfied to hob-knob with the people who flew 1,700 private jets to Switzerland to kvetch about Global Warming. We see similar delusional reality abatement in the President we have now. In last night’s State of The Union Show he offered us the following “fact.”

“In Iraq and Syria, American leadership — including our military power — is stopping ISIL’s advance,” Obama said, referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

In reality, ISIS controls twice as much of Syria as they did before we started bombing them. In reality, ISIS entertains itself in Jolly, Old Nineveh by chucking the gay people off the roof-tops while the mob applauds below. This steeped-sided unreality extends to domestic issues as well. We hear all about this wonderful economic recovery. So no, the world isn’t reaching a state of Pax Obamica, and no there aren’t two cars in every garage or two chickens in every pot. This is a striking opportunity if a real human being would just get in the game and challenge the statis-quo reality denial that pervades Washington, DC.

But no. Instead we get major party candidates like Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton. Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg at last night’s Snooze of The Union Speech, America should and probably will tune this crop of unrestricted losers out.


It doesn’t have to be like one of Rev Al Sharpton’s recent Nuremburg Rallies in Ferguson, Mo. Just slack off. Just try as hard to serve your country as Mitt Romney does to show its populace empathy. If Jeb Bush wants to replace you as a native-born American with an immigrant who will take whatever paltry wage the CofC or Silicon Valley thinks they should be allowed to pay people, appreciate his civic-mindedness about as much as he appreciates your patriotism.

If Hillary Clinton wants to smash that glass ceiling! And be the first woman President! And, well whatever corrupt, talentless Washington DC hacks like Hillary do when they get to strap on the feedbag, let her know that her historical accomplishments matter about as much as she believed the lives of our diplomatic staff in Libya did. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you have to respect gutless, soul-sucking politicians who exist only to win the next election and live the lifecycle of the intestinal parasite on our republic.

If the American Nation is truly, stupid, unconcerned, unmotivated and disconnected enough to elect Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush as President for four years after we’ve seen how bad Barack Obama has been, then maybe it’s time to reduce your personal investment in what The United States of America means to you. An election of any of these three pathetic hood-ornaments of The DC Insider Set would be a strong indication that nobody around you really gives a rat’s rear-end anymore. A nation that elects plastic, hollow, worthless human beings like any of these three candidates is a nation that has chosen to decline.


We may or may not smash the glass ceiling in 2016. What we need to smash in 2016 is The Overton Window. Don’t drone me, Bro! Our nation badly needs a new set of ideas in Washington, DC.


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