Bernie Sanders – The Purest Leftist Possible in 2016.

Che, Bernie and Leon - Ideological Bretheren
Che, Bernie and Leon – Ideological Bretheren

So Diogenes wandered the City of Demville with his lamp. His shoulders sagged, his expression grew hang-dog. He searched in vain for one honest man other than Jonathan Gruber. Ah, but his eyes lit up and his frown turned around. There was one man….one honest man on the American Left. That one last defender of the faith was, alas, not a registered Democrat. He is none other than Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist – Vermont).


Ah, but Doyle McManus of the LA Times bears news of hope and tidings that would warm the gnarled, hoary heart of the most cynical of the cynics. As avowedly socialist as any prominent American since Gus Hall or Daschle Hammett, Bernie Sanders wears that bright, red letter “S” with pride, I tell you, pride! You can come home, Liberal America. The mother ideology is calling. You may not be interested in the dialectic; but in the person of [mc_name name=’Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’S000033′ ], the dialectic is very interested in you. Interested enough to run for the presidency!

We need this ideological re-seasoning. The time has come to once more sharpen the saw. The Democrats have lost their purpose. They are now essentially crony-capitalist Mussolini’s with mutual funds. They not only occupy Wall Street; they have become rentiers!

Well, now The New York Times has discovered that, lo and behold, “the relationship between the Obama administration and insurers has evolved into a powerful, mutually beneficial partnership.” Mutually beneficial is right. In fact, the industry is positively glowing about the opportunities big government provides. “Our government business is growing along multiple fronts,” WellPoint CEO Joseph Swedish boasted. The company called Medicaid “highly profitable.”


Now surely Kommerade Sanders will lead us to the barricades and defenestrate these bourgeoisie Girondists? What’s that you say? This was Obamacare? Regardless of these objections, [mc_name name=’Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’S000033′ ] will smite these bloated pigs. Oh, wait. He voted for Obamacare.

Now certainly, as the bloated CEOs of too big to fail banks slosh around the streets of Manhattan in their limos, Bernie the Bright will rise up and take away their ill-gotten gains. And boy, Oh boy that’s exactly what Bernie Sanders did when he voted for Dodd Frank! Oh, well unless of course we’re talking about banks that include Wells Fargo, State Street, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Bank of New York Mellon, or Bank of America. These are designated systemically important financial institutions. Thus, like the animals on Orwell’s famous farm, they are more equal.

The regulators have openly admitted they are too big to fail. They are devoid of the most basic check on rampant, short-sighted, yield-pig capitalism – corporate failure. And [mc_name name=’Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’S000033′ ] had no qualms signing off on this economic version of the Tragedy of The Commons. Obviously braking them into smaller entities so that the failure risk they posed to the entire global economy would be minimized was a bridge too far for the corporate socialists. Like any good Capitalist cog in the machinery, Senator Bernie Sanders knows exactly who signs his paychecks.


OK, so that doesn’t make him any worse than Senator Lieawatha-Warren*, Jerry Brown**, Martin O’Malley, or Hillary. There just isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between any of the corporate leftists that could potentially run for President in 2016 as Democrats. They have achieved true homogeneous diversity. They all traveled different roads to get here; but the Hegelian Dialectic has reached the same synthesis with every last one of them in the end.

In another ten years there won’t be a member of Big Left alive that even knows what you’d mean if you mentioned Moby Grape*** or The Jefferson Airplane. They are plugged into Big Left the way Mr. Anderson was jacked into the Matrix. This is because no honest member of Big Left can countenance what Marx proposed as the end state of Marxism. There is simply no way that Goldman Sanders will ever let the state come close to withering.

*-Who one of my five or six constant readers tells me is known by the Tribal Honorific “Dances With Soros.”

**-No, he hasn’t bio-degraded to compost quite yet.

***-At least [mc_name name=’Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’S000033′ ] would know it wasn’t a Ben and Jerry’s flavor.



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