Democratic Race-Baiting Is the Ugly Face of Political Desperation in 2014

The Liberal Willie Horton Ads
The Liberal Willie Horton Ads

Alex Wagner of MSNBC is very happy to see Americans hate one another far more if it helps the Democratic Party win elections more often. Here we see the Lovely and Talented Alex Wagner toting the advantages Democrats gain from accusing Republican Candidates of wanting to shoot more Trayvons and burn more places just like Ferguson, MO.


WAGNER: In Georgia, state Democrats printed a flyer warning that the way to prevent “another Ferguson” is to vote. Arkansas residents meanwhile, received a mailer showing a man in a hands-up, don’t shoot position made infamous in the wake of Michael Brown’s killing. The mailer reads: “If we want to end senseless killings like Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, we need to vote . . . It’s important to say that it shouldn’t have to be the threat of undermining civil rights that gets people to vote, but if it does, so much stronger the party is for it.

Here we have a member of the news media blatantly cheering for the Democrats to incite racial violence more often if that’s what it takes to crank up the old turnout machine. No wonder some people have come to think that the media, mush of the government and academia have formed a cathedral of sorts to enthrone Progressive political imperatives against the will of many of the American People. Charlie Rangel shows us the laughably transparent ignorance* involved in this disingenuous political tactic.

Rangel compared some members of the GOP to confederates from the Civil War era. But at the Thursday evening event, he added that they “believe that slavery isn’t over.”

And perhaps the rancid icing atop this latest Democratic Party Progressive Garbage Cake has to be the poor-mouthing routine of [mc_name name=’Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’L000550′ ]. We all know the Senator who was the deciding vote for Obamacare would be at least 20% ahead in her race if it wasn’t for evil, White, sexist and racist Southerners. Nobody could have any logical objection to Madame Landrieu’s coruscating brilliance otherwise. Or perhaps someone could…


America will know a far greater peace and prosperity when tactics like those employed by Charlie Rangel are shown to completely and utterly backfire. Voting next Tuesday is your way of fighting the racism. The fake paternalistic racism of the Progressive who has “lots of black friends” and “cares deeply about the struggle” from twenty or thirty miles away in some McMansion. Next Tuesday is when you can vote against the entire concept of Alex Wagner’s weaponization of racism. Vote against racism by voting against every single Democrat on the ballot as a matter of principle.

*-Just to make sure we all know the extent of Rangel’s dishonest stupidity.


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