Joe Biden As Reverend DIMmesdale

Joe Biden on The Drug War
Joe Biden on The Drug War

Biden has sponsored more damaging drug war legislation than any Democrat in Congress. Hate the way federal prosecutors use RICO laws to take aim at drug offenders? Thank Biden. How about the abomination that is federal asset forfeiture laws? Thank Biden. Think federal prosecutors have too much power in drug cases? Thank Biden. Think the title of a “Drug Czar” is sanctimonious and silly? Thank Biden, – Radley Balko via Rare

So Vice-President Joe Biden’s youngest son will no longer be “serving” in The United States Navy. Or a more accurate description would be that the USN will no longer have to serve him. Hunter Biden, at the tender, young age of 43, decided that he would be a Public Affairs Officer in The US Naval Reserve. He needed one waiver for his age and yet another for something his father has spent his entire life legislating against: Cocaine use.

Hunter Biden, the youngest son of Vice President Joe Biden, has been kicked out of the military after testing positive for cocaine, two people familiar with the matter said Thursday. The Navy said that Biden, a former lobbyist who works at a private equity firm, was discharged in February — barely a year after he was selected for the part-time position as a public affairs officer in the Navy Reserve.

While this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has taken place within the Biden household, we can be sure that he’ll come down like hellfire on this obvious scourge of The Bolivian Marching Powder. There’ll be mandatory minimums. Hunter Biden will end up in the current Drug Czar’s Gulag Archipelago.

It will be just like that scene from The Scarlett Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne, where Reverend Dimmesdale told the entire village that Hester Prynne was the love of his life, that he was the father and that he would be resigning the ministry; effective immediately to marry the poor young waif and would never condemn her adultory. We all remember that chapter. Oh, wait… It wasn’t in the novel at all. And there won’t be any chapter where Hunter Biden gets thrown in a butt-slammer jail for overindulging in The White Man’s Nose Candy either. That’s just how Liberals roll. It’s always “different” when one of their kids does it.