Joe Biden Puts In The Labor On Labor Day

Which One Gets Less Respect?
Which One Gets Less Respect?
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Leave it to Huey “The Kingfish” Biden to give a Labor Day Speech where a bunch of people live who can’t find work. That’s what Barack Obama’s walking anti-assassination insurance policy was doing in Detroit, MI to waste his daily allotment of time and Dioxide on September 1, 2014. He’s telling the city that can’t pay for its sewage system anymore that “It’s time to take back America!” I’ll give The American Digest’s commentary on Biden’s Opus Windbag.


Observer one: “He thinks he’s co-opting the Tea Party.”
Observer two: “He’s co-opting his crotch. Which is, absent an upstream cerebral hemorrhage on the golf course, about as far as his grasp on power is allowed to reach.”

So the first obvious conclusion is that we could pretty much drag poor Norm off his barstool at Cheers and have better Veepage than we’ve had these last 5 ½ lugubrious years. The next question is to wonder just how in the heck a man like that reaches prominence. But neither of these satisfies or helps us. We’re still left wondering what Labor Day actually celebrates if the party is being held in Detroit. David Warren explains what the holiday has perhaps come to represent – the daily grind.

Conversely, the squalor in our environment contributes to the squalor in our souls; the sense that nothing really matters. We fall into the spiral of Gresham’s Law, by which bad money drives out good, the inferior drives out the superior by its cheapness. Indeed, the systematic debasement of our coinage had consequences far beyond the price of gold and silver, for what was done by our governments in the shadow of the First World War enabled credit-sharking on a planetary scale, with every Keynesian illusion that followed. By increments, the culture of inflation has consumed us, for it operates even in the spheres of intellect, morality, and spirit, replacing the gold of deeds with promissory notes; inward stability with outward pretence.


He then goes on to suggest what Labor Day should represent to a free, capable and motivated people.

In labour, I think we should seek to rediscover the use of our eyes and hands, of our ears and voices: to be unhurried, to do things well. Not quickly, nor more efficiently; rather carefully and thoroughly and to the highest standard of which we are capable. Tirelessly and patiently we might set about the work of replacing what is fake with what is genuine; what is disposable with what is solid; what is loud with what is quiet; what is low and sleazy with what is elevated and noble. And not for show and for special occasions, but for use in everyday life, with less and less self-consciousness.

In other words, you don’t check the block. You don’t dispense some blackhead like Joe Biden to rally the prols while you head for the links. You don’t just settle for meeting the minimum responsibilities of doing the job. You work for yourself – the hardest, least forgiving, most @$$hole boss that would be willing to hire your sorry carcass for anything. Demand it out of yourself; and let the other sorry bloke Biden it until the mandatory retirement date.

You may not be ready to take back America. However, you sure can dominate your very own chunk of dirt. Make this year your own personal Renaissance. Let The Bidens and those who abide them get dragged down into the demotic, mediocre circle-jerk of populism. At some point the political becomes personal. You are the average of your five closest friends – particularly in a Democracy where they can outvote you 5 to 1. There will be no standards in your environment that you and your friends don’t step up and enforce. You get what you tolerate. Watch that speech again and decide if hollow men like the one’s in charge are what you are willing to put up with.


Joe’s running in 2016 if you’re interested. I couldn’t think of a better popularly elected president for The People’s Republic of Hell. He’s also running if you are disinterested. Maybe that’s a pretty profound indication that the time has come to wake up. We will live in the America we all deserve. I hope you enjoyed Labor Day more than any audience forced to listen to Joe Biden.


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