Planned Parenthood – They Kill Your Baby And Then Overcharge You For The Service

Blood Money From The Taxpayers
Blood Money From The Taxpayers

Under the benevolent auspices of what has to be the most Pro-Abortion administration in American History, Planned Parenthood has grown to be an ultimate crony capitalist partnered with an encouraging government. The organization netted $1.21B in FY13 of which $540.6M was government grant money. $54.7M has been reinvested in lobbying the government that same year. This gives Planned Parenthood an ROI approaching 850% which makes Big Abortion a business that doesn’t seem to die. It’s not for nothing that they describe themselves as follows.

“We are the most effective advocate in the country for policies that protect access to safe and legal abortion and advance women’s health, actively lobbying in every state legislature ….”

Planned Parenthood has been audited 44 times in 9 different states. This is because as the Alliance Defending Freedom points out in a report entitled “Profit No Matter What,” Planned Parenthood either unintentionally or deliberately fails to police themselves with a proper comptroller system. They may well be the Enron of publically funded NGOs. They first kill your baby, and then overcharge you for the service. Sickening details follow below.

The weight of evidence indicates that waste by Planned Parenthood affiliates may be widespread, and suggests that such policies may be the result of, at a minimum, a policy of benign neglect over billing practices organization-wide by Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s headquarters in New York City. The publicly available audits summarized herein, as well as confidential sources who have inside knowledge of Planned Parenthood’s operations, strongly suggest that Planned Parenthood affiliates systematically take advantage of “overbilling” opportunities to maximize revenues in complex, well-funded federal and state programs that are understaffed and rely on the integrity of the provider for program compliance.

Planned Parenthood has been documented under audit to have overbilled Medicaid Title XIX programs by $8.3M. They were assessed an additional $4.3M in damages for fraudulent billing practices when they lost the court case REYNOLDS V. PLANNED PARENTHOOD GULF COAST. The HHS Office of the Inspector General details $107M in overbilling by Planned Parenthood to a variety of state programs. Ten distinct types of unlawful billing have been identified in audits of the Planned Parenthood organization. They have cheated a variety of Federal and State programs out of money. They have dispensed unnecessary products and drugs and charged the customer. They have performed medically unnecessary services and charged the customer. They have sent duplicate bills and have improperly coded medical services to make bills more expensive. They have kept sloppy and incomplete records and have failed to pay bills for which government agencies have reimbursed them. It’s almost as if an organization that dedicates itself to terminating babies has an ethics problem.

Planned Parenthood presents a moral problem by its very existence. It also exemplifies a moral problem that is endemic in every institution that still functions in our once great nation. The detestable lack of honesty or decency brazenly displayed by Planned Parenthood is what you can pretty much expect from the Jack-Knife Barber. The fact that it reminds us all of so many other organizations taking massive amounts of money from our various governments is even more disturbing. I’m only seeing two differences between Planned Parenthood and Government Motors. Government Motors doesn’t mean to kill people and Planned Parenthood doesn’t get very many recalls.