Elizabeth Warren, The Cursus Honorum, and Ballgames That Are Rigged

After The Fools Comes The Flood
After The Fools Comes The Flood

I may well be guilty of a loathsome, scurvy and iniquitous sin. I have voiced profound intellectual disrespect for both the academic efforts of Ward Churchill and the economic ideas (if any) of Senator Elizabeth Warren. Heck, I don’t even like Dan Snyder! That’s how bigoted I am against fake Indians. I guess we all remain sinners who fall short of the glory of God.


Like General Custer’s operational plan at Little Big Horn, there are times when Senator Warren’s intellect can fail spectacularly. Yet, amidst the demagoguery and autobiographical chicanery*, it is possible that Lieawatha could even have a point. Speaking as a person who based her entire career on manipulating gender and race-based quotas to reach a position where she could run for higher office and never have to work an honest day in her life again, she tells us the game is rigged. We should check our privilege sayeth the affirmative action hire in The Harvard Yard. Elizabeth Warren may be to the Cherokee Nation what the Reverend Joel Osteen is to sincere Evangelical Christianity; but that doesn’t mean she can’t accidentally say something that’s at least truthy if not factually accurate.** So just because Joe Walsh’s Rocky Mountain Way is now legal, we’ll examine the possible accidental validity of Elizabeth Warren’s central idea. Maybe the economy and the government really are rigged.

Well, are they? As Sarah Palin would undoubtedly say, “You Betcha’!” Everything in life is less than perfect – including economic competition for status. Yet, if anything, judging from the current crop of leadership in both Washington and Wall Street; the game isn’t quite rigged enough. To see what I mean, examine if you will, the deep thoughts of Valerie Jarrett, as expressed in 140 characters or less.


Don’t worry friends, it was a gag gift. Us strong women don’t need worship — just an economy for the 21st century. #WomenSucceed

This is the woman some people refer to as Barack Obama’s Rasputin. I’m relieved to hear she doesn’t need worship. If the game were properly rigged, she would need luck just to find gainful employment. If the game were properly rigged, a la Elizabeth Warren, Valerie Jarrett would have had to present a resume that could go toe-to-toe with Condoleezza Rice’s, Dean Acheson’s or Paul Volker’s before she got to give a US President the time of day – much less frequent advice. Valerie Jarrett would have had to have climbed a long and arduous Cursus Honorem before she would be in a position to tweet about not needing to be a god to feel fulfilled.

The Iron Duke was correct when he said that the Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eaton and Harrow. People who do well at difficult tasks have been prepared to succeed at them. Either they, or someone who cares for them, have truly rigged the game. They rigged the game by working and preparing more diligently than the opposition. With a proper Cursus Honorem, intelligent and dedicated people would be making the hard decisions about America’s future. The idiots would have had a short and unpleasant HR meeting with Charles Darwin long before they dispensed any CO2 pollution masquerading as policy advice to any US President.


Instead, we get intellectually unqualified Law Professors from Harvard who can’t grasp the economics behind why the minimum wage isn’t $33/Hr. Instead of philosopher kings, we get Timothy “I don’t have a plan, but I know we don’t like yours” Geithner. But that, unfortunately, is what you get when everything we do is fair rather than just. We’ve done away with meritocracy and in the process we’ve pretty much leeched out most of the merit. So pace Elizabeth Warren, the game really is totally rigged. It’s just been rigged so that people who play it properly with all of their hearts and souls are prevented from claiming the victories that they deserve.

The Z-Blog shows us exactly who gets favored in this rigged game that Elizabeth Warren gripes about when she’s out on the warpath against anything that smacks of competence or meritocracy:

Fake Indian’s faux populism is the sort you see in the faculty lounge or the coffee shop at Whole Foods. It’s overly credentialed bobos bitching about the rich guys who sign their paycheck. They may have it good, but someone with fewer diplomas has it better and that’s just unfair. It’s why Fake Indian sounds so weird to working class types. If you are a part-time teacher at your kid’s Montessori school, hearing a rich white woman complain about inequality sounds inspiring. If you’re working two jobs so your kid can go to the local state college one day, hearing an old rich woman talk like that sounds phony. But, the Democrat party is the party of Montessori school parents, not plumbers with two jobs.


So yes, Elizabeth Warren, the game is rigged. If it were not, you wouldn’t even be in contention for a Certificate of Meritorious Participation. The game has been increasingly rigged in favor of people who are part of a wealthy, liberal symbolic class and who know more and more about less and less until they know everything about absolutely nothing. It’s exactly the sort of rigged game that put Louis XV and Madame du Pompadour in charge of France. It’s after this rigged game Elizabeth Warren owes her professional success to that you’d better have your ark constructed. It’s going to be one righteous (expletive) deluge.

*-She’s nerd-whiter than your typical MGTOW meet-up.
**-There’s also an alternate possible reality where Schrödinger’s Cow really did jump over the moon.

Image Credit: A View From The Right


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