The Deadskins and The Death of Property Rights

Property Rights Thrown For A Loss!
Property Rights Thrown For A Loss!

What inventor or entrepreneur is EVER going to trust the patent office, let alone come up with a new invention ever again?HT: Captain Capitalism


Well, well, well, The Thinking People are once more offended. What’s new? They don’t like Anthropogenic CO2 pollution either. I therefore offend them by breathing. Judging from the recent PTO decision to strip the Washington Redskins of their trademark, they like the power that comes from being offended by the fact that some of us breathe. It is, after all, the power of life and death. Being offended is the new Euro-phallocentric privilege. It allows you dispossess others the way Early American settlers drove out the Cherokee.

Like every controversial story out of DC, there are two sides to this. One side has been heard ad nauseum. The political establishment, and several loud activist groups, hate the fact that The Washington DC professional football team calls itself the Redskins and has a Native American on the side of its helmet*. That’s as bad a negative stereotype as naming The Hollywood High School Football Team “The Lounge Lizards**” and calling their stadium “The Casting Couch.” Therefore, the weaponizers of personal grievance have convinced the PTO to revoke a trademark because it hurts people’s feelings. And thereby the road to hell is paved with Politically Correct Intentions.


To understand the fundamental evil embodied in what at least some are mistaking for a noble gesture of historical restitution, we need to look at why we have patents and trademarks. describes why we allow patents and trademarks below.

According to the Constitution of the United States, the goal of government in granting copyrights and patents is “To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.”

There are some that argue professional sports teams serve no more useful purpose than to keep cretinous Moorlocks passed out and off the street anytime there’s a good game on ESPN. They argue that the NFL Draft is a restriction*** in trade and should be persecuted under anti-trust legislation. Perhaps they are right, perhaps they are wrong.

Perhaps these adverse opinions of the NFL’s business model have nothing to do with the negative externalities that could become more common as a result of this decision to revoke patents. Does the pharmaceutical drug named Lunesta offend those with mental disabilities? It depends on how much money competing firms contribute to Senator Harry Reid.


Those charming young men like Akon and Pit Bull should be keeping an eye over their shoulder and the political contributions going to the right powers that could be offended. You don’t just pay to register a patent or a trademark anymore, you see, you pay a danegeld if you want to keep it.

*- After all, two monkeys fornicating with a football would better portray their recent level of gridiron proficiency.

**-Try your best! Try your hardest! Earn the nickname “Pick-up Artist!”

***-Which is totally different from how the NCAA operates.


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