Brandon Eich, Soft Totalitarianism, and The Progressive Purificationist Hangman

Progressivism = Burn The Witch
Progressivism = Burn The Witch

A healthy society allows for differences of opinion. It even tolerates them over issues that are near and dear to each of our hearts. When we lose these arguments, this sort of healthy society genuinely aggrieves us all. If you don’t like this, and are of decent and honorable character, you work through a well-established system of polity and seek to pass laws and elect like-minded representatives to forward your goal in synonymy with the time-honored traditions of American civil debate. The people morally invested in overturning California’s Proposition 8 are no longer willing to work through peaceable means. So if you’re one of the Neo-Fascist jerks who just knee-capped the career of Javascript Inventor, Brandon Eich, you just form up the lynch mob and assassinate your foes using the duplicitous means called Soft Totalitarianism by some.

So what does this Soft Totalitarianism really mean? Funny you asked, the tactics employed by the compassionate champions of alternative lifestyles employed by the Mozilla and the vivacious dating site OKCupidHimmler are explained quite nicely below.

First, it means that any dissent with be met with destruction of your livelihood. The only people with true free speech will be billionaires, because they do not require income. Anyone else who speaks up will be driven out of his job; anyone who aids him will be driven out of her job. Anyone who speaks up in her defense will be driven out of his job, in turn. You are the diseased monkey, and the only permissible act is to throw stones at you. We have un-done civilization itself and reverting to witch hunts and lynch mobs.

This is how Romans get turned into Gothic Age barbarians. This becomes an engine of enstupidation and societal decline. The smart, the capable and the creative are hounded remorselessly by the turd-chucking howler monkeys fresh out of some oppressed persons diversity seminar. Imagine Thomas Edison being ridden out of town on a rail by all the suppressed candle-makers. Perhaps Henry Ford should have been “diversified” the heck out of Detroit by all the suffering buggy-whip manufacturers. You cannot have innovation or intelligent thought when any random interest group Gestapo can ruin your livelihood for deviating from some politically correct Group Think. This gives you the Witch Hunt mentality described by Ernest Steinberg in his paper “Purifying the World: What the New Radical Ideology Stands For.”

Unmentionable for decades in progressive scholarly company, the similarity between totalitarianisms has once again received academic attention, in part because of interest in comparing Soviet, Maoist, Khmer, and Nazi genocides. The new work has renewed appreciation that fascism and communism did not just have similar regimes. They also shared parallel ideologies. […] Convinced that they have this unique mission, they must motivate hatred of opponents. They carry out or at least legitimize ruthless violence. And they assert the privilege to shape life’s purpose and meaning for millions.

(HT: Doctor Bulldog and Ronin)

Kevin Williamson describes the practical impact this so-called Liberalism, this wonderful “Social Progress,” will have on our country’s future going forward if it is not stopped cold.

Welcome to the Liberal Gulag. That term may be perverse, but it is not an exaggeration. Mr. Weinstein specifically called for political activists, ranging from commentators to think-tank researchers, to be locked in cages as punishment for their political beliefs. “Those denialists should face jail,” he wrote. “You still can’t” — banality alert! — “yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. You shouldn’t be able to yell ‘balderdash’ at 10,883 scientific journal articles a year.” “Balderdash” — a felony. At the risk of being repetitious, let’s dwell on that for a minute: The Left is calling on people to be prosecuted for speaking their minds regarding their beliefs on an important public-policy question that is, as a political matter, the subject of hot dispute. That is the stuff of Soviet repression.

So you as decent, right-thinking Americans have a patriotic duty to vote against every Democrat on the ballot in 2014. You have the same patriotic duty our service-members had in WWII when our country sent them to stop the Nazis. If we allow Progressivism to continue to thrive as a political movement, we will live in the pathetic, dismembered America Kevin Williamson described as The Liberal Gulag. We absolutely must destroy these people. If we fail, they will destroy any semblance of a decent nation that you might want to leave to your children.

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