The Partisan IRS Needs To Be Reformed Or Abolished

Tell Us What You Know About The Tea Party, Mr. Anderson.
Tell Us What You Know About The Tea Party, Mr. Anderson.

So let’s just stipulate up front that not many people harbor love for their neighborhood IRS Agent. They don’t even like the poor guy if he does the stuff he’s supposed to. They really don’t like that person if she or he becomes good at doing the stuff required of an IRS Agent. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that the IRS currently rates as one of the most disliked agencies working for The Executive Branch. What does shock both sensibility and reason is the extent to which the IRS goes all in to earn the title of Most Hated American Government Entity. They are corrupt, dishonest and are now have become a partisan attack dog that singles out Conservative political groups in an indecent and malicious fashion.

When IRS big shots travel at taxpayer expense, they are supposed to do what the IRS makes every other government traveler do after they receive their travel voucher. They do not, and the Treasury Department Inspector General spills the rotten beans in an investigative report entitled “Internal Revenue Service’s Executive Long-Term Taxable Travel.”

We found that the tax classification of travel for nine executives appeared to be incorrect based on their travel patterns and the IRS’s validation, and for three executives, the classification was not made in a timely manner as required by Internal Revenue Manual, Taxable Travel Reimbursement.9 Consequently, not all executives who were in a LTTT status were correctly and/or timely classified as such; therefore, the IRS did not withhold the appropriate amount of taxes on the travel reimbursements paid to some executives. Without an effective periodic assessment and management review of the executives’ travel activities, the IRS cannot verify that its executives’ travel expenses are properly classified as LTTT when they should be. The inaccurate reporting of the LTTT resulted in the executives’ potentially underreporting income, Federal, State, Medicare, and Federal Insurance Contributions Act taxes.

(Via TaxProfBlog)

So let’s just say you’re one of the little people. The ones the IRS can put in the slammer for playing the sort of games on government travel vouchers that the IRS typically plays with theirs. Where do your hard-earned tax dollars go in the Age of Obamacare? If you guessed “To pay off the health insurance industry for supporting the Obamacare Law with political speech and money,” Megan McCardle is here to give you your Kupie-Doll. She describes the probable impact of the 97% to 103% risk corridor provision of Obamacare below.

Now, if McIntyre is suggesting that these adjustment payments might be used as a sort of slush fund to pay off insurers in order to nominally keep premiums low, at potentially massive expense to the federal budget, well, perhaps they can.

Given this state of play; the doctors get paid, the insurers get subsidized and two out of three constitutes a whopping successful batting average. Oh, wait. I, like most of you guys am the 3rd man. So what does my friendly IRS agent do if I form a political organization to speak out in protest of this pathetic cronyism from the Health Insurance – Regulatory Complex? According to the Chicago Tribune, they go Ignatius of Loyola on your 4th Point of Contact.

In considering requests for tax-exempt status, it singled out groups with the term “tea party” or “patriot” in their names for extra scrutiny. An investigation by the Treasury Department’s inspector general found the IRS guilty of using “inappropriate criteria,” delaying action, and pelting organizations with “unnecessary, burdensome questions,” such as the names of present and past donors. The agency had to admit the practice was “absolutely inappropriate and not the way we should do things.” But officials don’t seem to have learned the lesson about not discouraging free speech on political matters.

Now when The Chicago Tribune tells you to lighten up on the thug life and give Conservatives a break, you probably run the S&M Dungeon where Quinton Tarantino shot a few scenes for the movie “Pulp Fiction.” Any government agency that flagrantly refuses to obey it’s own regulations derived from Constitutionally valid law is corrupt and immoral. Any government agency that exists to transfer wealth from suffering working Americans to the current political clique’s dishonest industrial cronies is engaged in performing The Devil’s Labor. Any governmental agency that perverts a legitimate and necessary function of government such as tax collection to serve as a partisan thug squad on behalf on an imperial president has lost any moral legitimacy as a servant of the people. The IRS must therefore be massively reformed or replaced with a much less powerful and corrupt activity designed to collect the necessary revenue to conduct the affairs of state.