Knock-Out King, Mayor Gordon Jenkins, and Why The Police Will Just Let Us Eat Each Other

Coming To A City Near You.
Coming To A City Near You.

We on the P.G.P.D for the most part are now looking the other way. After almost [deleted] years on the job I find this disheartening but a necessary fact to survive in today’s, what appears to most officers, an ANTI-POLICE environment. We are even being told by some supervisors to keep a low profile so “you’re not next on the front page”! I became a police officer to help people [deleted] years ago in P.G. County . . . but I now share the attitude of most officers, just let them eat each other, we have to survive.


Fred Reed, “Let Them Eat Each Other”

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Honorable Redstate Blogging Community, I give you Hizzoner, Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins after being popped for flyin’ blind. LANGUAGE ALERT. Or as YouTube blogger Carmen Rue put it: “Jenkins curses repeatedly while interacting with officers, calling both white and black policemen numerous hateful racial insults, creating a hostile work environment for the officers and other employees at Village Hall which threatens their health and security and appears designed to diminish the quality of service they are permitted to provide to the public.”

Oh, and he seems to not be too worried about his 5th Amendment Rights either…He’s got all night and he’s at least two sheets in the wind…

There is always an alternative to the obvious police brutality suffered by poor, put-upon Mayor Gordon Jenkins. Police could just make it easy on Hizzoner. If laws are inconvenient, they can just stop enforcing them. They can look the other way and collect all the same pay and benefits. The motto could become “To self-serve and auto-protect.” They could wonder whether an electorate that is addle-pated enough to send Mayor Gordon Jenkins to City Hall probably deserves what they voted for – good and hard.


In many places across the country, this is beginning to happen. A “game” played by street gangsters in St. Louis, Mo called “Knockout King” is gaining national prominence. This involves a young person who is attempting to impress older teenagers in a gang walking up to someone on the street at random and slugging them until the fall over.

Knock-out Game victim Matt Quain, describes what it was like to be the target below.

Quain said that during the hearing, the teens “were looking me over like I was a piece of meat.” Afterward, he watched as they celebrated in the hallway outside the courtroom. “They were cheering and high-fiving,” Quain said. “It was like a big game to them.”

This is of course to be expected when people like Mayor Jenkins of Monticello deliberately berate and intimidate police officers for doing their jobs. Even Reverend Al Sharpton has decided that too many people have been targeted by the “youths” engaged in Polar-Bear Hunting. The Reverend offered the following homily below.

“This kind of behavior is deplorable and must be condemned by all us,” he said at his weekly National Action Network meeting in Harlem. “We would not be silent if it was the other way around. We cannot be silent or in any way reluctant to confront it when it is coming from our own community. Kids are randomly knocking out people [from] another race — some specifically going at Jewish people,” he said. “This kind of insane thuggery — there is nothing cute about that. There is no game play about knocking somebody out, and it is not a game. It is an assault and is bias, and it is wrong.”


Barring a Road To Damascus moment on the part of our friend Al Sharpton, there is something else a t work here. I think he’s realized something that Fred Reed realized back in the late 1990’s when he rode around and reported on the doings of the DC and Chicago Police Departments. People are getting tired of hearing about the poor, deprived “youths” who slug law-abiding citizens on the jaw. People are getting more than a wee bit sick of people like Mayor Jenkins who abuse his authority, blatantly ignore the law and then threaten the police charged with enforcing it. They get a wee tad hacked-off when someone as wealthy and powerful as Oprah Winfrey does the poor, poor, pitiful me bit. Sharpton is as smart as he is disingenuous. He knows this isn’t going to a good place. Not for Al Sharpton. Not for America either.

Another group of guys are getting sick of it as well. They wear uniforms, they carry guns, and they are charged with protecting people. But when the very people they protect impugn them and want to abuse the law, it grates. It makes them adopt an attitude best expressed by the expression “just let them eat each other.”

But fear not. It’s not a problem. Knock-Out King will be the law of the street. You have no reason to fear evil as you walk through cities that are increasingly similar to the Valley of The Shadow of Death. There’s only one catch – you need to be the baddest (decency edit) in the valley.



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