Emperor Obama's Dog and Pony Show Turns Into A Dog

The Perfect Metaphor For Presidnt Obama's Job Performance This Week
The Perfect Metaphor For Presidnt Obama’s Job Performance This Week

So Mississippi Republican Rep. Steven Palazzo tells the Department of The Interior that a group of old, ailing WWII veterans are coming to visit the WWII Momument on the Capital Square. He asks if they can see it despite the coming government shutdown, given that some of them won’t be alive long enough to have another chance. The people-powered administration of Barack Obama responded as follows:


“We got the heads up that they will be barricaded and specifically asked for an exception for these heroes,” Palazzo told TheDC. “We were denied and told, ‘It’s a government shutdown, what do you expect?’ when we contacted the liaison for the White House.”

These are the same Miss Congeniality contestants that lectured The Tea Party about civility after the shooting of Congresswoman Gabriella Giffords by a person who later turned out to have ambiguously leftist political beliefs. The current government shutdown was intended to conceal a lot of the administration’s problems, but has instead put them out there in stark bas-relief. The longer this drama goes on, the more the public pays attention to President Obama and Harry Reid and finds out what these people are truly like as human beings.

Thus, it was no surprise that Congressman John Boehner got an invite to attend a negotiation session at The White House at 5:30 sharp today. The afforementioned and insufferable Harry Reid is now trying to get John Boehner to give him a clean funding extension in return for a promised budget negotiation. I’m hoping Mr. Boehner politely explained to Senator Reid the Constitutional process that requires that a budget negotiation between the houses of Congress occur once the US Senate actually bothers with drafting, debating and passing a Federal Budget. It’s been four years since Senator Reid has done that, and therefore he may have forgotten the ledgerdemane associated with actually doing his job as a Senate Majority Leader.


As thuroughgoingly rancid institutions go, the city government of Detroit Michigan would have to get turned into a nest of blood-sucking nosferatu to be less concerned with the commonweal of their subjects. Yet while Veterans who waded ashore through sea-walls of shrapnel on Omaha Beach and Okinawa are deliberately and maliciously banned from the WWII Memorial, Emperor Barack I has just found $320M under the seat cushions to bail out Detroit. So while the so-called Obama Administration has more personnel assigned to keep war veterans out of their memorial than he deployed to protect the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, he is enthroning the governmental principal of moral hazard by bailing out on of the worst run cities ever in American History with $320M that the government is suppossed to be shut down and unable disburse.

The optics on this look worse than than ubiquitous 404-screens popping up on ObamaCare web portals from sea to shining sea. And perhaps those ubiquitous 404-screens are the real reason that Barack Obama and Harry Reid engineered this shutdown trainwreck to begin with. It’s ironic that the administration’s handling of this domestic intimidation operation has been so pathetically bad that they now would rather have you see the 404-screens than what you are reading about President Obama on the Internet right now.



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