The Detroit Non-Bailout And The Power Of A Shut-Down Government

Another $300M Spent By Our Bankrupt, Shut-down USG
Another $300M Spent By Our Bankrupt, Shut-down USG

Let’s say you do what you are told, show up at your place of appointed duty and then lather rinse and repeat for a good 10 to 25 years. If you are a Federal Employeee deemed “non-essential*” that gets you furloughed because the US Senate hasn’t bothered passing a legitimate budget in four years and the House of Representatives no longer has the patience or good will to give them a clean continuing resolution that funds ObamaCare.


Now let’s say you spend an entire city’s budget on union pensions that are based on untennable guaruntees and are underfunded by a steadily deteriorating tax base. If you are Detroit, and voted 82% for Barack Obama, that means you get $320M worth of what the New York Times insists !IS NOT! a bailout.

Yep, the bankrupt government, hard against the tyranny of its debt ceiling just found $320M underneath the seat cushions for Detroit, MI. The NYT shares the sickening details below.

Two months after Detroit became the largest city ever to file for bankruptcy, top Obama administration officials will be there on Friday to propose nearly $300 million in combined federal and private aid toward a Motown comeback….

This is gobsmackingly vile. At least Princess Lea had the decency to say “Help me, Obi Wan.”

Detroit told President Obama, “Bring home the bacon.”

It staggers the mind that Detroit is being rewarded for being one of the most poorly governed cities in America for the past 40 years. Is there any limit in how stupid you have to get before liberals who sing the praises of Charles Darwin refuse you a bailout? Apparantly not. Bell, CA could use a helping hand as well.


This just goes to show the extent to which a government shut-down is a maliciously targeted political dog-and-pony show. Michelle Malkin gives us a history of the histrionics. We’ve had seventeen of them since 1976, and they never have caused the government to stop handing out the bread and circuses. President Obama’s administration exists, afterall, to bring home the bacon to those who voted him to the throne. This is made abundantly clear when Detroit, MI gets $320M while the Federal workforce gets the furlough letter.

*-The White House Chef is essential. Barack Obama is too baronially arrogant to make his own flipping sandwiches.


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