James Carville is Still Blaming Bush

Yesss...It Was Bush's fault, My Preciousss.
Yesss…It Was Bush’s fault, My Preciousss.

It’s a tougher job these days, but James Carville still mans his post. He spins for the Democratic Administration. It matters not what that administration does or what he has to say in order to stay on point. James Carville spins for the Dems. His latest project involves spinning away the profound unpopularity of Barack Obama’s proposal to fire rockets and bombs at Syria for using chemical weapons to quash a rebellion against Bashir Al-Assad’s despotism. He shows the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of his bosses by doing what a Dem does when they run out of viable ideas: he blames George W. Bush.


This begs the question of why Carville felt this was necessary. This was necessary because a majority of the American people do not feel positively about the idea of a 3-day bombing campaign against Syria. Congressmen are hearing from their constituites about the proposed acts of war against Syria. The Washington Post describes public opinion below.

What they’ve found — from conservative corners of Tennessee to this liberal, comfortable Connecticut suburb — is that many voters deeply oppose the idea of a strike.

So people aren’t buying several aspects of this. Some don’t believe we should be babysitting Middle Eastern civil wars to quote one 2008 presidential candidate’s rhetorical turn of phrase. Others don’t quite believe we will end up just shooting a few missles off and calling it a victory. The Daily Mail quotes a report arguing that 75,000 soldiers are required in country to put the Syrian chemical weapons threat completely out of business.

This implies one of two things. Either A) The Obama Administration is deliberately settling on a policy that the Pentagon knows will fail to achieve our stated objection of ending chemical warfare in Syria. Or B) This resolution to authorize force will have to be passed first before we get to find out what is really in it. Neither of these options fills a cynical and jaded public with confidence in President Obama. This might have worked two or three Recovery Summers ago, but not so much right now.


This explains why James Carville lacked a better torqueing instrument to create his spin. Even Grima Wormtongue needs some decent material to work with. The Arab Spring has sprung, The Recovery Summer has relapsed. Our Nobel Prize-Winner of a President is looking to start a major aggressive action under specious pretenses. Nobody has confidence in what he says or what he intends to do. So Carville wisely chose not to discuss President Obama at all.

Carville deliberately refights rhetorical battles over Iraq in order to cover the fact that President Obama has no graceful way to back down now that Syria has snorted his red line with gusto of Tony Montana in Scarface. Nor does President Obama have any salve for his wounded ego now that Russia has referred to him with the very pointed and deliberately racial double-entendre “Monkey with a hand-grenade.”

The Syrians have public flaunted Barack Obama. The Russians are under his skin and have poured itching powder on his prickly ego. The American people believe him to the extent that they believe they will get to keep their old insurance under Obamacare. James Carville calculates odds while he calculates his choice of disingenuous verbiage. He knew the odds called for him to punt. Democrats do that by loudly blaming George W. Bush.



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