There Are No Moderate Democrat Members of Congress

What Mary Landreiu Will Vote For Every Time
What Mary Landreiu Will Vote For Every Time

Senator Mary Landreiu provides yet another data point to support the hypothesis that there are no moderate Democrats in Washington, DC. Give her the opportunity to do so and Senator Mary Landrieu would vote again for ObamaCare. This is despite the fact that the law is making insurance less available for people instead of the opposite. It should surprise nobody that Senator Landrieu and pretty much any other Democratic Senator you asked would feel this way. When given the dilemma of strengthening the government at the people’s expense, the people will always get the hose if the decider in question is a progressive.


We have learned that the University of Virginia, home of Democratic Party Cheerpundit, Larry Sabato is dropping health insurance for the spouses of their employees. Their faculty gives and votes overwhelmingly for Barack Obama twice and then they ditch their own workers the first time ObamaCare allows them to. Like most progressives believe, UVA likes the Liberalism best that they can inflict upon somebody else.

According to a benefits analyst at Mercer Consulting, UVA is only the most egregiously hypocritical example of this growing trend. He explains below.

A growing number of companies are looking to clamp down on rising health care costs by dumping coverage for their employees’ working spouses. “We’re seeing costs going up,” said J.T. Shilling, a benefits consultant who runs the Pittsburgh office of consulting firm Mercer. “Taxes, fees, more enrollment are driving up costs, and employers are looking for ways to reduce costs. And this is a pretty easy one.”

UPS continues to run the tightest ship in the shipping business. Thus, we can expect them to strike like vipers when it comes to cost-control. In the face of new regulatory costs under ObamaCare, they do not disappoint.

Rising medical costs, “combined with the costs associated with the Affordable Care Act, have made it increasingly difficult to continue providing the same level of health care benefits to our employees at an affordable cost,” UPS said in a memo to employees. According to Kaiser, UPS (NYSE: UPS) told white-collar workers two months ago that 15,000 working spouses eligible for coverage by their own employers would be excluded from the UPS plan in 2014.


But in Senator Landreiu’s magical castle of Big Government, the ACA will be like The Sugar Plum Fairy handing out gum drops to the little girls and boys. Maybe she listens too uncritically to her own party’s flacks whose propaganda speeches resound across the K-Street echo chamber.

“The health care law will make health insurance more affordable, strengthen small businesses and make it easier for employers to provide coverage to their workers,” said Joanne Peters, spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Or maybe Senator Landreiu got taken in by the growing cadre of scam artists minting a veritable treasure chest of ill-gotten gains from ObamaCare. Here’s a group of people the NSA should be going after.

Consumer experts warn that the program has created a huge opportunity for swindling people by stealing their money and their sensitive personal information. “Any time you roll out a big government program like this, confusion is inevitable,” said Lois Greisman, an associate director in the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission. “This confusion creates a tremendous opportunity for the fraudster.”

No. Senator Landreiu saw the opportunity to grow the government’s bureaucratic empire and cart home a boatload of swag known as “The Louisiana Purchase” in return for her vote. The State did well and Senator Landreiu did well. As for the people?…Two out of three ain’t bad. When given the opportunity to grab more power and inflate the state, any Democrat anywhere will strike and hold. Never mind the tax-dodging, never mind the scam artists, just build up another entitlement program. That’s what the Democratic Party considers legacy-building.


Remember that when any Democrat like Senator Pryor or Senator Landreiu or Congressman Barrows develops a surprising rash of “down-home values” six months out from a reelection race. It’s all fake. They are all in favor of monolithic, overdetermining government. If you don’t like monolithic, overdetermining government, the only current avenue to make this discontent known is aggressive participation in GOP politics.


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