Zimmerman, Martin and The Failed American Melting Pot.

Goldstein Found Not GUilty
Goldstein Found Not Guilty

I hope the Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Fiasco has given The House of Representatives something to think about before they even consider bringing The Gang of Eight Bill to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote. We should stipulate as an obvious given that the American Melting Pot has recently failed at making our nation more peaceful and prosperous. Like the Late Roman Empire prior to its disaster at Adrianople in AD 378, we assimilate diverse cultures no better than The Emperor Gratian could assimilate the Goths.


Unassimilated minorities in America typically hate the place. They frequently have valid and legitimate gravamen for their hatred. Anyone who looks at the rates at which African-Americans are aborted, shot, fail out of school and wind up either jobless or incarcerated couldn’t be entirely blamed for believing that most of the rest of America is attempting to eject them from our culture the way a white blood cell attacks a hostile bacteria. Absent any back-story, I really can’t blame them for hating my guts as a nameless, faceless White Man on a visceral level. Now quit being shocked. I only differ from the herd by being proudly uncultured enough to state the obvious and unpalatable truth.

But we can’t tell anyone that they need to change their personal behavior to be wanted and valuable to American Society. We try to sugarcoat this instead. Our unacknowledged and insultingly dishonest national policy is to hand out bribes and condescend to those people. Condescend? You can’t say that on NPR’s All Things Considered!

OK, fair enough, I’ll say it on RS.com instead and ask why you haven’t had Scotch-Irish American History Month at your local High School or Military Instillation. Nobody really thinks Scotch-Irish American children are going to grow some Mary Jane and store Surface-To-Air Missiles to shoot down DEA Helicopters at the end of Copperhead Road. If a lot of people did, you’d have a pathetically groveling Scotch-Irish American History Month every March. The Seed of Albion would receive mealy-mouthed, disingenuous tribute from our frightened powers that be.


What people do believe is that America has to manage a very serious race problem. They manage it with the ham-handed and frightened ignorance. The Post-modern American state speaks its love for diversity while it pays that diversity a Danegeld not to torchLa Brea Avenue again the way the Vikings laid waste to Lindisfarne in AD 793.

Hence we have concern over the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the 2nd degree murder of Trayvon Martin. I believe that this trial gives us several indicators that point to America’s inability to assimilate a culturally diverse Diaspora in an honest and forthright manner. I sum up these beliefs as follows.

1. Had the State of Florida not gratuitously overcharged George Zimmerman, he may well have gone to prison on a lesser charge like Manslaughter or Negligible Homicide. I can’t say that for sure, because the trial was such an ungodly travesty of prosecutorial and judicial misconduct. Anyone who believes the witnesses weren’t coached and the judge wasn’t unprofessional knows less about the American Legal System than the average reader of Steve Martini or John Grisham.

2. The prosecutors were frightened into overcharging because they were handed a political bombshell. They were tasked with legally hanging George Zimmerman. The reactions of Senator Harry Reid, and Marion Barry show that only one verdict was acceptable and it had to be punctuated with an implacably cruel sentence.


3. This sense of racial vendetta is now a common and predictable part of American Culture. Marion Barry demonstrates that he never intends to put down the professional racial hyper-sensitivity below*.

“The good news,” Barry said, “is that Zimmerman will never be in peace. He won’t be able to get a job. He’ll have to go underground, travel incognito, and never live in peace. That’s the good news for me.”

The always intelligent and classy Roddy White of The Atlanta Falcons has suggested that the jurors help take out society’s trash by killing themselves. Victor Cruz, whose heart bled for NY Giants fans killed in Newton, CN, predicted Zimmerman wouldn’t last a year before the hood caught up with him.

4. Some official avenue will be pursued against George Zimmerman. He is now Emanuel Goldstein and the Stalinist backers of homogenous, brain-washed diversity will successfully conduct their pogrom. Maybe Senator Reid should forget the Constitutional role of the US Senate just a little bit more and get Lindsay Graham to help him by co-sponsoring his bipartisan special Bill of Attainder. It would be a delightful way for Lindsay to tell the bigots to shut up. The optics would be somewhat better than going Full-Metal Mullah and issuing an anti-Zimmerman Fatwa.**

So we already fail miserably at assimilating the cultural and racial minorities we have in Post-modern America. We don’t intend to assimilate them or in any way make them feel like a valued and decent contributor to our society. We use social welfare programs as an insulting and demeaning bribe for them not to burn our cities or shoot people. People not blessed enough to be part of our cognitive elite understand very well that the pampered upper-echelons of American Society consider the American Lower Middle Class no better than cretinous Moorlocks from a sci-fi dystopia.


So in a Denialist response to this epic fail, we try to claim we love diversity by passing an amnesty bill via The Gang of Eight to bring in about 30 million more people. These will be generally decent and humble human beings who will not be treated with the grace and dignity they deserve. They will be talked down to, treated with disdain, bribed not to smash things, hired at far below the minimum wage to do back-breaking physical labor and therefore their children grow up despising Upper Middle Class America. This is not even remotely an intelligent evolutionary strategy for the future of America.

We need to fix our unmitigated disaster of a national culture before we invite another vast group of outsiders to join it. The Gang of Eight Immigration Reform Bill has no business ever seeing the light of day on the floor on The House of Representatives. You are not performing your civic duty as an American citizen unless you inform your representative of that personally.

*- Because nothing quite inspires brother-love like wishing perpetual unemployment on the people you don’t happen to like.
**-I wonder why I couldn’t locate Salmon Rushdie for comment.


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