Obamacare As An Invitation To Steal.

You Are Now Invited To Rip Off Your Local HIX
You Are Now Invited To Rip Off Your Local HIX

Let us just stipulate that Bernie Madoff was blatantly dishonest and deserved to go to jail. At this point, reasonable people can still debate. Did Madoff deserve jail time for his dishonesty, or for the poor evolutionary strategy he employed while attempting to evolve into the Alpha Scumbag? If for some god-forsaken reason you still want Obamacare to succeed and are glad our just and beneficent Congress passed the AACA back in 2009, then you probably just think Madoff lacked the game to go where no dirtbag had ever gone before.


Because let’s face it. The entire method by which Obamacare insures the uninsured is via transfer payment. It takes from the capable, forthright and able and gives to the unable, the uncaring and the unwilling. It is a classic example of what Herbert Spencer was talking about when he decried government as essentially immoral. Thus, it should come as no shock that calling Obamacare the Affordable Care Act was an Orwellian moniker at best.

“They low-balled everything, and they knew they were not asking for enough money to actually do this,” John Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis said. “And so now they are coming along saying: ‘Oh, we’ve just discovered we don’t have enough money’. They should’ve known that from day one.”
“I don’t think most of America will be shocked that a government project is coming in over budget,” Jim Capretta of the American Enterprise Institute said. “It’s the typical story and so yeah it’s probably happening in this case as well.”

In AD 2014, all of the smoke and mirrors employed to secure passage were set to fall apart. 2014 was to be a witching hour of sorts for the entire law was set to go into effect. There was just one wee, niggling detail: the law was proving too ineffective to go into effect. The geniuses from America’s self-selecting cognitive elite were too stupid to make this Doomsday Device actually work. The geniuses in charge of this debacle now resort to “flexibility.”


This magical and elusive flexibility boils down to the fundamental act of not actually living within the constraints of their own law as it was originally passed. The Obama Administration now intends to violate the Obamacare law both actively and passively. They actively violate the law by refusing to enforce the employer mandate until next year. This involves the legal requirement that all employers with 50 or more employees provide access to insurance. The one year delay is designed to delay the cost shock and the accompanying potential for high-volume lay-offs to go away for one year so that the midterm election can happen absent such unpleasantness.

The Administration goes Full-Metal Madoff in its passive disobedience of its own law. The law requires people seeking federal aid to buy insurance via a HIX to have no insurance plan through their workplace, and income equal to less than 400% of the Federal poverty line. This was to be verified by random sampling of employers and through income verification through the IRS. Any state launching its own exchange gets a pass on the employer verification and a 1 year hiatus on executing any random checks.

The obvious problem here is that not many states are opting to start HIXs and expose their citizenry or their businesses to the non-partisan, fair and benign attentions of the IRS. States also view the capital investment required to launch the HIXs and the future funding streams to properly continue O&S as unfunded mandates. The government is temporarily backing off the constraints here to suck more states into the Ponzi Scheme. Dropping the enforcement of the 400% requirement also helps pump the volume on these HIXs so that they won’t collapse due to insufficient volume the way carbon permit markets have in Europe.


The only way to get people to use a market that they would only lose money from ever joining is to offer them free giveaways. The giveaway here is an implicit incentive to lie to the government and receive a subsidy that they are not entitled to. The HHS is attempting to temporarily suspend any enforcement of discipline on these exchanges to get people involved to the point where they can’t easily withdraw. By allowing theft at taxpayer expense, the HHS hopes to make more people support Obamacare. It involves using selective enforcement as a sales strategy for a failed law that flies in the ugly face of uncompromising reality.

The real problem staring down Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare, Disability Benefits and all the other subsides with which the Post-modern American politician buys the votes of the pathologically ignorant is that the population is aging and is not being replaced. An older America qualifies for every aspect of these programs except for the important role of taxpayer. People use more and more; and are obligated to kick in less and less. To quote Ian Anderson, they are “Too Old to Rock and Roll, Too Young to Die.”

There are two courses of action. We can defund and dismantle this monstrosity. I believe that the Democrats would likely join us in that project 18 months after President Obama is a topic for the history books. We may not have the time to wait for that to occur. Acting sooner would allow less damage to occur.


Another option is to let entropy destroy things. Just let it crash and make people realize the truth of another Herbert Spencer Aphorism.

The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly, is to fill the world with fools.

The evil part of me just wants to let this entire folly ride until the day the EBT cards don’t get recharged and then watch all the confusion while I sip on a cold one. But Obamacare, like all the other unsustainable bread and circus provisions, must be fought and must be killed. At a certain level, we have a responsibility to our children to try and make the people that actually believe they are helped by these programs stop and actually think. Then they will wise up and realize that every aspect of government provision comes at the expense of somebody’s blood and treasure. Whether or not they care enough to make Washington, DC steal less of that blood and treasure comes down to why they believed so fervently that Bernie Madoff belonged in jail. Let’s hope, by then that we have all learned a lesson about the reality of free lunches and government Ponzi Schemes.


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