Subjects, Citizens, Guns and The Sequester

Without Strong Conservative Opposition, THis is Where America Is Headed.
Without Strong Conservative Opposition, This is Where America Is Headed.

OK Americans, you; and I mean you personally, have a serious ego problem. You are not grateful enough. President Obama works so hard for you, and you don’t show him adequate love. He’s had it. He won’t be putting up with any more of your shenanigans. Therefore, you are going to get both gun control and sequestration – good and hard!


You see, some people are actually bringing up the point that sequestration was a proposal put forth by The Executive Branch. The audacity of these peons! They think they are citizens when in fact they are subjects. Morale Conditioner, Chuck Todd lectures us on how to think properly harmonious social thoughts.

CHUCK TODD: Of all the dumb things Washington does, this “who started it” argument has proven to be one of the dumber ones, especially since we’re so close to the actual cuts going into place.

So why does Chuck Todd believe you are stupid? He’s been trained to as part of an elitist cadre. They are taught to reflexively believe you are stupid. They think of you as subjects. You are to be managed; not lead, appeased; not respected.

Davis F.W. Aurimi plows overworked ground in offering his response to a blog review of Batman – The Dark Knight Rises. However, he makes a useful point (at about 4:45 and going until 5:30) that lends itself to why Chuck Todd thinks you have the IQ of a toadstool. When today’s authorities call you “citizen”, they don’t mean it as a respectful salutation. They mean you are a sheep. They mean you are a moron. They truly believe Chuck Todd’s intellect dwarfs yours.

So what do you do with these idiot citizens if you are smart and brilliant like Barack Obama? For God’s sake do not let them have free will. Give these idiots a fork and they’ll steer straight for the nearest light socket. Fred Reed offers us insight as to what sort of society we can expect to live in as our leaders increasingly believe we are stupid and that we all suck.


Here Fred describes what Americans were like when we still deserved freedom in the eyes of our overlords.

A staple of American self-esteem is that we Yanks are brave, free, independent, self-reliant, ruggedly individual, and disinclined to accept abuse from anyone. This was largely true in, say, 1930. People lived, a great many of them, on farms where they planted their own crops, built their own barns, repaired their own trucks, and protected their own property. They were literate but not educated, knew little of the world beyond the local, but in their homes and fields they were supreme. If they wanted to swim buck nekkid in the creek, they swam buck nekkid. If whistle pigs were eating the corn, the family teenager would get his rifle and solve the problem. Government left them alone.

And later on he describes what life is becoming in our contemporary, degenerate Amerika.

Self-reliance went. Few any longer can fix a car or the plumbing, grow food, hunt, bait a hook or install a new roof. Or defend themselves. To overstate barely, everyone depends on someone else, often the government, for everything. Thus we became the Hive. Government came like a dust storm of fine choking powder, making its way into everything. You could no longer build a shed without a half-dozen permits and inspections. You couldn’t swim without a lifeguard, couldn’t use your canoe without Coast-Guard approved flotation devices and a card saying that you had taken an approved course in how to canoe. Cops proliferated with speed traps. The government began spying on email, requiring licenses and permits for everything, and deciding what could and could not be taught to one’s children, who one had to associate with, and what one could think about what or, more usually, whom.


So how does this relate to the guns or the sequester? It’s easy to explain the guns. You can’t let citizens handle something dangerous like guns! They’ll become self-reliant and unpredictable. How can Harry Seldon then predict which pen in which their sorry butts should be parked by the loving and benevolent state? When the people are considered to be pathetic, the state has a moral imperative to keep them away from guns, trans-fats, fast food, fast cars, fast women,…etc. And mark my words (if you are still an American not an Amerikan) Chuck Todd and his nebbish, mincing handlers think you; yes you, are a hookworm-infested moron.

OK, so President Obama and can’t trust crazy Tea Partiers with weapons. He has to save them from themselves. But how does this relate to the sequester? Isn’t that all John Boehner and only John Boehner? I mean Chuck Todd just ordered your beliefs so that you wouldn’t actually blame our Dear Leader.

The whole sequester thing gets back to your insufficient level of gratitude. I mean you have said your prayers of thanks to the government this morning. It’s a given. You are subjects. Subjects praise the lord. Not that Lord, Tea-Partier. The thinking people who write and compile Chuck Todd’s program before every newscast are way too intelligent to buy into that superstition. It wasn’t Christendom* that gave us the Renaissance, The Enlightenment, Science, Democracy, Theology, Modern Medicine, etc. It was a primitive forerunner of Amerika and The EU.


OK, so why can’t I haz my gubbermint cheeze? You have to learn proper supine self-abnegation, subject. You can’t tell smart people like Timothy Geithner to cut their budgets.** The very effrontery of suggesting that Barack Obama and Congress are spending too much money must be punished. They are intentionally grooving these cuts to make you hurt more so that you can learn. They love you and want you to be conditioned better. It’s the proper way to treat a dog that’s cute but just wants to pee on the rug.

What if I’ve had it about up to here? What if I don’t care how jacked-up President Obama is over some guff and disrespect while he surfs off the North Shore on my tax dollars? The way out is straight, hard and narrow. You have two vital objectives to seize in order to get rid of this contemporary Amerikan Fascism and start renewing the liberty America has obviously jettisoned in return for physical and economic security.

Retaking the GOP will be the hard part. They are a shell of a legitimate opposition. They are Goldstein to the Democratic Party’s INGSOC. When they cave pathetically and grovel at Mein Obama’s feet next week over sequestration, you will know that you; yes you, have been utterly sold down the river as a conservative thinker and patriot. The current Rove-Romney-Boehner leadership of the GOP has got to be replaced with individuals more like Congressman Jordan and Senator Cruz. Identify these people, write diaries about these people, walk precincts for these people. Where it goes from there, I have no crystal ball to tell you. But we can’t keep going the way we are unless we like it right where the Chuck Todd’s of contemporary American Fascism want to throw it to us – good and hard!


* – That’s what that particular subset of pale-people called themselves back when men of the West were still men of the West.

** – You can’t even tell the really smart ones like Geithner how to effectively operate Turbo-Tax software.


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