Obama Fetishism – The Hollow Evil of Tactical Adoration

I’ll bet the people who voted for Obama never realized how utterly cool they had become. They too get to have something in common with Tom Cruise! Like Tom Cruise they’ve been brainwashed, duped out of their money and will ultimately be betrayed by a nut-job cult. No, voting for Barack Obama doesn’t quite automatically enroll you in the Church of Scientology*, but when Time Magazine describes the 2nd Term of any US President as The Second Coming, I tend to think we’ve crossed a dangerous border between admiration and idolatry. Here’s how Newsweek Magazine serves up a dose of blasphemy in honor of our Dominus et Deus, Barack I.

Forgive Them Lord, They Know Not What They Do.
Forgive Them Lord, They Know Not What They Do.

This pathetic media fetish is something I call tactical adoration. This partially cynical strategy of using propaganda to elevate President Obama as an object of worship is studied and barbaric hypocrisy. It uses art, media and popular entertainment to make a secular, political leader take on the trappings of a sacred figure. This is done to deliberately raise barriers of conscience against anyone who would question or speak out against the priorities or beliefs of our President Elect. This, more than any politically active Mega-Church’s campaign donations, violates the important barrier between church and state. It seeks to make the very state an idolatrous church dedicated to the worship of a human leader.

When American Artist, Sheppard Fairey, painted “Obama Hope,” he deliberately and consciously aped the style of Soviet, Nazi and Chinese propaganda artists who deified despotic overlords of the 20th Century. The painting went viral, and became a staple feature of rallies involving some of our president’s creepier true believers.

A major feature of American Exceptionalism used to be our desire to be a nation of laws and not men. This statement implied that all of us, regardless of wealth and station were subordinate to a greater law and a higher social order. In simpler terms, the millionaire and all the peasants who worked for him put their drawers on the exact same way. There was to be no American Nobility, the very idea of calling any American President’s administration Camelot would transgress against the form of decent democratic society.


Yet as our republic has devolved into a group of warring political factions seeking to elect their very own dictator, the tactical adoration of said Dear Leader has replaced responsible journalism and affirmative citizenship. This has been intentionally aided and abetted by members of the artistic and journalistic profession. In keeping with Vladamir Lenin’s Maxim “Art is a weapon,” the images presented to our eyes were carefully arranged to be evocative of adoration towards an elected leader.

Senator Ted Cruz from Texas advises us not to go along for the ride. Senator Cruz had the following commentary regarding Barack Obama’s recent behavior after the Sandy Hook Shootings.

Republican senator Ted Cruz of Texas said Thursday that Barack Obama is “high on his own power” with regard to the president’s announced efforts on gun control. Speaking on Laura Ingraham’s radio talk show, Cruz, who was just elected to the Senate last November, said “this is a president who has drunk the Kool-Aid.”

The entire President Jesus Act grew wearisome to the more observant, even before Barack Obama took office in 2009. Fred Reed wrote the following observations he had from Barack Obama’s First Inaugural Mass four years ago.

I can stand singing commercials for toilet paper. I once watched a half hour of Oprah and recovered, though with psychic scars. But twelve hours of embarrassing imperial pomp, chattered about by boringly dressed dullardesses with the intelligence of catfish? A freaking coronation with everything except inbred hemophiliac nobles?
In a sane world, a president would sign in online. User ID, password, bingo, he’s president, spare me the media circus. Why involve the rest of us? When I get a new job, I don’t need a $150-million parade that blocks the streets everywhere. It’s a sign of a defective character.


My only exception to Fred’s observations are that he acts as if the pomp, ceremony and disruption are due to poor breeding and ignorant taste rather than inimical intent. This is not intended to be just another inauguration. It’s THE SECOND COMING!, and after maybe thirty minutes of modern idolatry and dictator worship unworthy of the world’s foremost democracy, I’ll probably wish that it really was.

Thus Barack Obama’s tactical adoration circus reminds me of Scientology at it’s worst. Like the nut-jobs in Tinseltown it adopts the facade of religious meaning without any viable raod to salvation or redemption. Like L. Ron Hubbard at his most mendacious, it constantly bilks people’s money to “continue the endless struggle.” And most importantly, it is all hollow and tactical at its rotten core. People are knowingly usurping the langauge and trappings of religious adoration to boost the power of a fallible, secular leader. Obama Fetishism truly exemplifies the sin of idolary at its worst.

*-But only because Obama Fetishism lacks the scientific rigor of Scientology.


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