Our Lord And Savior Emperor Barack I

But the person who does anything with a high hand, whether he is native or a sojourner, reviles the Lord, and that person shall be cut off from among his people.


(Numbers 15:30)

In the Potemkin world of Hollywood, President Barack Obama is held in a level of esteem that good men of ages past would have deemed utterly blasphemous. Jamie Foxx describes him as “Our Lord and Savior.” His political enemies are demonized and ridiculed. “Mitches” don’t really believe anything and are basically all just racist. But to truly see how Emperor Barack I’s act plays, it helps to see how his fellow world-leaders view our own almighty Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

We saw this in Blu-Ray as our Glorious Lightworker went east to conduct his post-election victory tour. It didn’t quite work out as well as he would have hoped. Amerika’s recently reelected Dominus et Deus, Barack H. Obama I, decided he would inaugurate a Trans-Pacific Partnership that would draw South-East Asia closer to the US and further from Communist China. It was almost like we were going back to Vietnam to win more hearts and minds.

President Obama had reasons to launch a diplomatic offensive beyond the old ones articulated by Dean Acheson in his famous but flawed address from 1950. He went to Phnom Penh in the vain hopes of erecting an economic defense perimeter to match the military one so famously laid out by Sec. State Acheson prior to the outbreak of The Korean War. It wasn’t to be.

Instead, 15 Asian nations that have produced 50% of the world’s population created a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. This partnership is so comprehensive and so regional that the US of A won’t be included anywhere in the region. Unlike Barack Obama’s political strategy, this isn’t even an act of race-baiting. New Zealand and Australia paid their nickel, made their choice, and agreed with China to form a partnership without Emperor Obama as a partner.


Cambodia’s First Lady let it show in public what most of the summit participants thought of America. The UK Daily Mail again covers what the observant, diligent, fair-minded and objective American Journalists never quite seem to find room for in their newscasts below.

”First lady Bun Rany greeted Obama with a traditional “sampeah” pressed-hands greeting reserved for servants, a little dig that was probably lost on him but not to Asians,’….

As they put it in the NBA – Emperor Barack I just got “soned.”* Spengler explains below why President Obama received such condign mockery and disrespect in Cambodia.

What does the United States have to offer Asians?
• It is borrowing $600 billion a year from the rest of the world to finance a $1.2 trillion government debt, most prominently from Japan (China has been a net seller of Treasury securities during the past year).
• It is a taker of capital rather than a provider of capital.
• It is a major import market but rapidly diminishing in relative importance as intra-Asian trade expands far more rapidly than trade with the United States.
• And America’s strength as an innovator and incubator of entrepreneurs has diminished drastically since the 2008 crisis, no thanks to the Obama administration, which imposed a steep task on start-up businesses in the form of its healthcare program.

Now we all know Spengler is just a secret !RACIST! Otherwise, he couldn’t possibly think of anything mean to say about Emperor Barack. But reality is often harsh on Cargo Cult Disciples. (HT: Streiff). Hard data exists suggesting that the rest of Asia was shrewd and perspicacious by taking a page from Al Sharpton’s book and tossing the interlopers out of their neighborhood.


Since 2008, the US has not seen any meaningful increase in its exports. Things get consumed here. They get made in Asia and Europe.

America produces little. We Lose Strength As Others Produce More.

Being a power-Consumer would be a nice niche. Regrettably, the rest of the world relies less on US consumer demand to anchor its supply chain. China has diversified its customer base to the point where they increasingly can cater to others instead of what the US consumer wants or needs. For now, we still leave a huge foot-print. But the signs of that continuing are thin on the ground as America becomes increasingly statist and anti-entreprenuer.

America Is Decreasing In Importance As A Customer of Chinese Goods

When a country that is the world’s number one consumption sink borrows $1Tr a year, others will pony up and buy the bonds to keep the consumer consuming. But once the consumer base is diversified, that particular nation no longer holds the power of a preferred customer – he’s hitting the rest of the world up for money. As Emperor Barack I increasingly runs the $1Tr Debts to pay off Democratic Party voting-blocks with no vision for our nation’s future beyond “We have no plan, but we know we don’t like yours,” memories of The Marshall Plan and Normandie fade intot he mists of time. The United States of America increasing becomes the junkie on the stoop of the world’s liquor store.


Investing the level of belief Jamie Foxx does in a cult of personality will work no better for us than it worked with Argentineans and Evita Peron. When we no longer act like an exceptional people, American Exceptionalism is verily dead. We can only pray to the real Lord and Savior that Emperor Barack I learned that lesson when he got “soned” just recently in Cambodia.

*-P.S. His majesty has a limited shelf-life and the rest of America may well keep a list of these people….


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