Al Gore V. Al Qaeda on Why We Had Hurricane Sandy

Al Gore Makes Us Ever More Appreciative of The Perceptive Voters in FL

It seems that Al Qaeda has a sudden fascination in Tropical Meso-scale Meteorology. It involves large, convective, cyclonic systems that involve low barometric pressure and vast amounts of flooding and rain. They actually became cheerleaders for greater destruction. Like Medieval Japanese who believed that typhoons were sent from heaven to destroy Mongolian invasion fleets*, they cheered for injuries as Sandy roared ashore. Some examples of their enlightenment follow below.


“God is great,” wrote Abu Hussein. “The storm approaches New York, the UN Security Council cancels meetings and declares a state of emergency. Allahu Akbar.”
“Chechen Abdullah” wrote of America: “Make it ruined, as their soldiers ruined the land of Muslims.”
“Monster Island” wrote, “Oh God, make the hurricane crush the back of America, make the hurricane cause the collapse of the economy, companies, institutions.”
“Abu Obaida” had this to add: “God destroys their country like they destroyed ours (Iraq). This is on the head of the dog Obama.” *

They were not the only nutty guys named Al with an opinion on Hurricane Sandy. While the jihadists irrationally prayed for America’s destruction and collapse; Al Gore irrationally prayed for professional and personal relevance below.

Hurricane Sandy is a disturbing sign of things to come. We must heed this warning and act quickly to solve the climate crisis. Dirty energy makes dirty weather.

There are some significant differences in the fanatics going by the name of Al. Al Qaeda claims this is on the head of the dog Obama.** Al Gore uses this to excuse some of the economic failures authored by that very same mutt. He tells us all about the economic consequences of severe weather below.

“The U.S. economy grew even more slowly than originally thought in the second quarter of 2012, according to new data from the Commerce Department. One culprit? The severe heat and drought that has dented crop production in the Midwest this summer.”
“The overall economy grew at a disappointing 1.3 percent annual pace in the April through June period, down from the government’s previous estimate of 1.7 percent growth. Roughly half of that decline came from a sharp fall in farm inventories. Crop production declined $12 billion over the quarter, data showed, “due to this summer’s severe heat and drought.”


Like the insulting members of Al Qaeda, Al Gore is an egomaniacal fussbudget focused on his ideological crusade at the expense of truth or even rational discourse. Of course Al Qaeda’s nuts and narcissists will be treated with the proper contempt. Al Gore, however, runs the risk of being taken seriously. He could actually succeed in making policies like MACT become even worse. That would be climate change indeed for anyone who could no longer afford to heat their living space this February.

I’ll give Brendan O’Niell credence on which Al is actually more full of nutso. He totally nails it below.

After every natural disaster that occurs these days, we do two things. First, we guffaw or shake our heads in stern disapproval at those religious freaks who blame said disaster on mankind’s sin. And second, we nod in vigorous agreement with those eco-experts who blame said disaster on man-made climate change.

Both men remind me of another charlatan who attempted to cash in on 9-11. It was the infamous and phony Ward Churchill who boldly proclaimed that 9-11 was “America’s Chickens Coming Home To Roost.” He went on to call those who were killed in the WTC “Little Eichmanns.” How that differs from the Al Queda postings is open to some debate. How it differs from Al Gore’s “dirty energy causes dirty weather” snarking is hard to discern.

A man that was 20 or so EV’s from being President is claiming that we are all to blame for Hurricane Sandy. That scares me for some reason. Our best and brightest political leaders are not supposed to be indistinguishable from Al Qaeda’s online forum posters. It should make us all think twice about ever voting for the political party that nominates nut-jobs like that. Mitt Romney 2012. That is all.


*-Which explains why they referred to their culture’s version of the suicide bomber as kamikaze.

** – I’m insulted they’d accuse our Commander-In-Chief of cannibalism by calling him a dog.


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