Barack Obama’s Dishonest Muppet Show

This is What Keeps People In Chains, Mr. Biden.

Whether they work for Goldman Sachs, or the United States Government, the people who wield power in Modern America have less and less respect for you as a human being and a citizen with each passing year. Former GS boss-turned-whistleblower Greg Smith offers us the following description of how the venerable firm viewed its clientele.


“It makes me ill how callously people [at Goldman Sachs] talk about ripping their clients off. “Over the last 12 months, I have seen five different managing directors refer to their own clients as ‘muppets’, sometimes over internal email.”

(HT: Charles Hugh Smith)

And this attitude prevails beyond Wall Street. Even our Vice President, Huey “The Kingfish” Biden, seems to believe America’s Electorate is intellectually challenged to the point of current-event illiteracy. He offers up his disdain and contempt for his audience in Danville, VA*.

Ya’ll hear that, right? A man who has helped preside over $3 Trillion/Year in authoritarian governmental bloat is now accusing his opponents of putting people back in chains. And what has this ramping up of the leviathan provided in exchange? What are we eating our seed corn and bartering our freedoms away in return for? An economic recovery that is less robust than Japan’s during its infamous lost decade.

Shawn Ritneour describes how America has fought our economic doldrums to date.

Since the beginning of the recession, the Federal Reserveincreased the money supply over 64 percent—by $3.4 trillion. Annual federal government spending increased by over $875 billion or 32 percent. Our national debt increased $5.8 trillion from 2007 through 2011. These stimulus efforts have provided little in the way of sustainable economic progress.


Like the chains binding Jacob Marley’s Ghost, this ever-growing deficit weighs down America’s future. Like The Yellowstone Caldera, all of this debt builds up pressure against which the Federal Reserve must constantly fight by artificially keeping short-term interest rates at or near zero percent. And all of this “investment” in economic “Stimulus” has yielded virtually nothing. Ritenour describes our current state of play.

A full three years into the so-called recovery, official unemployment remains stuck above 8 percent. The employment situation is not even as good as the official rate indicates. Monthly job creation during the second quarter of 2012 averaged only 75,000 per month—less than half of what it was a year ago.

A major reason for this money not improving any of our lives is that it doesn’t ever actually reach the people it was purportedly spent to help save from “The Bush Economy.” So where did it go instead? Here’s one example of how that money was set on fire and burned.

The Treasury Department says in a new report the government expects to lose more than $25 billion on the $85 billion auto bailout. That’s 15 percent higher than its previous forecast. In a monthly report sent to Congress on Friday, the Obama administration boosted its forecast of expected losses by more than $3.3 billion to almost $25.1 billion, up from $21.7 billion in the last quarterly update.


Perhaps this is why Mitt Romney’s selection of Congressman Ryan to join his ticket has resonated so favorably across America. People are tired of arrogant, solipsistic elitists treating them like Muppets.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama look into the mirror every morning and see pure genius. Americans have watched these two in action for the past 3 and ½ years and see Dunning-Krueger Effect.

It angers the American people to be talked down by these two intellectual low-pressure systems that we foolishly elected to operate the Executive Branch. It sickens our good and decent citizenry to have a government that treats us with the respect and dignity with which Goldman Sachs treats its victim/customers. Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan can win an overwhelming and smashing victory this November. Let us all come together and work to make it happen.

* – I point out which of the 57 states VP Biden was in when he espoused his racism for the sake of Mr. Biden’s educational improvement.


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