The Plusses, Minuses and Pleasant Surprises From Mitt Romney

Romney Has Looked Better Under The Spotlight Than I Initially Feared....

Did you know that the GOP held five Presidential primaries yesterday? Maybe; maybe not. However, given that data point, you all can tell me exactly who won all five of them. Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee.


My five or so constant readers know well that I’m not turning handsprings over this final outcome. After deciding Mitt wouldn’t fit, I had to commit. Hence I endorsed the unsuccessful candidacy of Rick Santorum. Needless to say, I was vaguely resigned to four more years of Obamocracy after Santorum failed to break through in Michigan and Ohio.

Yet somewhere out on the trail Romney’s sensory perception broke through the smug cloud of his obnoxious coterie of condescending online strap-hangers. It’s like he actually listened as he shook hands and kissed babies. He’s pleasantly surprised me by learning a thing or two from being challenged in the 2012 primary. He gets partial credit for the speech he gave last night to celebrate his five cake-walk victories.

“Is it easier to make ends meet? Is it easier to sell your home or buy a new one?” he said, as the crowd cheered “NO!” “Have you saved what you needed for retirement? Are you making more AT your job? Do you have a better chance to get a better job? Are you paying less at the pump?” “It’s still about the economy,” Romney added, bluntly. “And we’re not stupid.”

The positive here is the recognition that a lot of us are just no longer included in anything good that happens in America. People get priced out of credit, home ownership, college and even the basic necessities of life such as food and gasoline. This provokes the Obama to describe how “unlike some people” he and Michelle were not to the manor born. They were just regular folks who both had to work outside the home and scrimp and save to get by on $450,000 per year.


This brings us to an argument that Mitt Romney has unfortunately not yet made. The United States truly is becoming a 1% society. (Even #OWS occasionally has a point). He gets close to this reality when he excoriates Barack Obama’s Government-Centered Society. The “moderate” right which apparently objects only moderately to injustice, was quick to criticize Romney for being such a Big, Red Meany.

I hereby criticize Mitt for not jamming this concept further down Barack Obama’s throat. A government-centered society could actually manage to be decent and fair in its bureaucratic ineptitude. What we have today is a Post-Modern Feudalism. Senator Scott Brown, in his reelection campaign against Elizabeth Warren – to the Hahvad Manor born, properly calls the baronial arrogance of the 1% Left. Here he decries Elizabeth Warren’s interest free loans from Harvard

“Let me get this straight: struggling students and families pay more, so multi-millionaire Warren can pay nothing? This sweetheart deal adds insult to injury for the students whose high tuition costs have already made Warren a wealthy one-percenter, and reveals yet again Professor Warren’s hypocritical idea of fairness,” wrote Brown’s campaign manager Jim Barnett

(HT: Boston Herald)

Every time we hear about Bain Capital, we need to hear back about Barack Obama’s Swiss Bank financial backing. All us plain-Jane, Roll-up-the-sleeves working class Americans have the head of UBS out beating the bushes to send us piles of money. It’s as easy as having a relative give us an eight year free ride through The Punahou Academy.


In conclusion, Mitt Romney has shown a pleasantly surprising willingness to go after Barack Obama on the over expansion of central government. I went into this season thinking Romney would welcome just such an activist government. What Romney has missed on has been the proper approbation of the hypocrisy that our elite Leftist Ruling Class has shown in taking liberties that stop just short of Prima Noctem in every area of their lives. Emperor Barack I has not only expanded government, but he has also used it to fuel a Visigoth Holiday for his friends and pet interests. Mitt Romney will have to drive that point home if he wants to unseat our corrupt and dishonest incumbent President.


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