There Will Be A Reckoning Against These People.

Nancy Pelosi’s lovely and talented daughter Alexandra seems to be hearing dog-whistles again. If I were as intolerant as Ms. Pelosi and her ideological buddy “Comedian” Bill Maher, the punch lines from this opening sentence would abound. In a recent safari to the American wilds of Mississippi, she caught the following footage of that curious species Redneckus Americanus frolicking in its native abode.


There is one piece of positive amongst the flotsam and jetsam of condescending and insulting leftist garbage. I’m going to report to you what the more reasonable and intelligent people on the left have had to say about this. It will reaffirm your belief in the decency of America. Andrew “The Amateur Gynecologist” Sullivan must have been stunned to hear what some of his liberal readers had to say about Alexandra’s detestable junket to the slums.

The classy and intellectual Sullivan was indubitably ready to break out his hilariously condescending jokes about pregnancies launched in portable toilets amongst 1st cousins. Then he started catching flak from people he probably considered his own. A self-proclaimed homosexual Obama voter wrote in to castigate Pelosi’s condescension and the implicit insult she leveled against every Mississippian who actually practices dental hygiene on a daily basis.

My family and friends in Mississippi are well-educated, well-informed, tolerant, open-minded people of differing political opinions – which is more, apparently, than we can say for Bill Maher and the daughter of the former Speaker….she would have collected ample material to present a startling contrast from black and white Missisippians who have thoughtful political opinions and all of their teeth. But instead we have to sit here and take this tired barefoot-and-toothless Southerners [bowel movement] from people who can’t go a week without reminding each other how morally and intellectually superior they are to people who are quite obviously bigots.


Another respondent explained somewhat patiently to the mighty brain trust that publishes such perspicacious things in The Atlantic why Democrats are underperforming their historical norms in places such as Mississippi and Alabama.

Viewers (who obviously all already agree with the interviewer) see their every bias confirmed, from the production, with the banjo music serving as a screaming dog whistle declaring “THESE ARE REDNECKS, THEY’RE DUMB,” to the silly beliefs that maybe voting Republican will work this time (never mind that urban blacks keeping voting D and have yet to see any tangible benefit). As long as this shit is accepted on the left, it should be no wonder that liberals are not welcome in white, rural America. It reeks of privilege, prejudice, and the superiority complex that taints the limousine liberal politics that run the Democratic Party. Until liberals can learn how to talk about the people they supposedly care about without this disgusting air of condescension and smugness, Mississippi, and everywhere like it, will remain a one-party state.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, also very liberal, also of The Atlantic, displayed a commendable level of intellectual consistency. Coates consistently feels that powerful and wealthy Conservative, White Americans will rig the system against African-Americans. This makes him a reliable in-print champion of people like Eric Holder. However, he proves himself an intelligent enough man to recognize that discrimination and demonization can cut both ways. Coates describes Pelosi’s utter and despicable hatemongering below.


What’s most annoying about this sort of Michael Moore journalism isn’t that it’s “unrepresentative,” but that it oozes condescension. The violins, the camera angles etc. all portray a snarky “laughing at you, not with you” style of humor.

Pelosi then demonstrates her good, liberal “tolerance” by shooting another video that proves she’s an equal-opportunity condescentionist who hates [infamous anti-African-American slur] just as much as she disrespects the crackers.

It may be too much to hope that the scales have fallen from Coates’ eyes. However, he seems perfectly capable of recognizing the extent to which Maher and Pelosi have formed a detestably cozy viper’s nest of venomous soft bigotry towards people of all races not wealthy or “sophisticated” enough to appreciate “the finer things” in life. Coates takes out the garbage effectively below.

Alexandra Pelosi goes to a welfare office in New York and proves that she can be as dickish to poor black people as she can to poor white people. Pelosi’s commentary is worth listening to. She evidently is declining to understand the critique, preferring instead to undermine it by proving that her sneering knows no bounds. But cruelty is cruelty and the fact that one’s condescension is of the rainbow doesn’t make one any less condescending. Pelosi thinks she’s surprising by her willingness to unleash her quick wit against poor black people. But there is nothing noteworthy about offending “both sides,” a feat that can be managed simply relieving yourself on a crowded street.


So what can be learned from this? Our enemies truly have become detestable. There are at least as inbred in their isolated caste as the maundering Southern gentry in Faulkner’s fictitious Calabash Family. There will be a reckoning against these people just as there was a reckoning for Sheriff “Bull” Connor and the ideological heirs to the legacy of Senator Bilbo.

What Alexandra Pelosi and Bill Maher conclusively prove is that the wealthy Hollywood Left is now the American ideology of detestable bigotry. There will be a reaction to strike them down. We, as Conservatives, need to make certain that it is a peaceable reaction that strikes them down at the polling places; not a violent and hateful reaction that leaves their viscera defiling the street. Let Bill Maher go out and hate. Let American Conservatives go the polls and vote. The genius of America’s Constitution is that we can overthrow our spoiled Bourbon Oligopoly – even if we are too kind and decent to hurt a fly.


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