Hangover Wednesday

Well, Super Tuesday didn’t quite pan out the way I hoped it would. Like most supporters of a guy who came in “Not First,” I could spend Hangover Wednesday trying to spin. I prefer not to bother. It’s better just to suck the lemon. Lemons are rich in Vitamin C.


I still stand by my endorsement issued a couple of weeks back. I would prefer that Senator Rick Santorum win the primaries and rise to the challenge of taking Barack Obama out like yesterday’s garbage. It would also be cool if somebody gave me a pony. (Not really, but I always tell my kid that when he wants me to buy him a Hot Wheels car at Kroger.) It feels good to go with my heart, but some days life just sucks and you have to engage with your brain instead.

Rick Santorum had his shot at Mitt Romney. He had Romney on the ropes in both Michigan and Ohio. Had Santorum landed the KO in either state, I’d be dogging out every Romneybot on this site. He can still punch him hard well into Early May. Contrary to some opinionators, I hope he keeps swinging the way Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns once did so that Mitt Romney has to grow by earning this nomination.

As I pointed out after Michigan, Mitt Romney has gotten better in response to Santorum’s challenge. He’s now had two opportunities to fold and run home to mommy. He’s still there. Maybe he can surprise in either Kansas or Alabama. If he did that, he’d become Marvin Hagler to Rick Santorum’s Hitman Hearns.


Right about now, Rick Santorum needs about 75% of the remaining delegates to be the nominee. Mitt needs a hair over 50%. The Ops Research guy sees how only one of these two men has a real shot here. Redstate Polling Guru, Neal Stevens concurs with that assessment. By his reckoning; Mitt Romney still has work to do while Rick Santorum has a pretty serious remodeling project. So this one is, as Dick Vitale would probably blog, all over but the Veepage, Baby!

So what about Romney’s VP? I say a VP would be inadequate. Romney needs a Veepinator. He needs Newt Gingrich on that wall. Romney wants to be above the fray, but the fray will try to drag him down.

That’s when you need a guy like Darth Cheney watching your six. As it was with Cheney debating the unethical lightness of being that was John Edwards a Gingrich/Biden VP debate would be -30 to -50 EVs for the Democrats.

Newt Gingrich has displayed a particularly useful ruthlessness. He also knows where most of the corpses are buried in DC. That even includes ones he didn’t personally spade under the sod. People will keep it in mind never to end up on his feke list. Leaders around the world would fear what would transpire if President Romney were taken out by assassin.


This all sounds terrible, but it isn’t. Mitt Romney leverages that to continue being all things to all people. He stays above the cynical DC scene and dispatches his own, personal Cardinal Richelieu to handle the wet work necessary to pursue any worthwhile political agenda. And finally, the thought of “Nuke” Gingrich calling on Chuck Todd or Andrea Mitchell at a Press Conference and then housing them as only “Nuke” Gingrich knows how sort of makes lemon-sucking Hangover Wednesday become just a shade more bearable after all…


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