A Quantum of Tough

“We didn’t win by a lot but we won by enough, and that’s all that counts,” Romney said triumphantly.

For once in Mitt Romney’s existence, he was too humble and self-effacing with regards to his victory in Michigan. He won a better victory than anyone seems willing to give the man credit for. Unlike the rest of The Right Wing Blogosphere, I actually came away impressed with Candidate Romney. This was the contest where Mitt Romney could have morphed into Quitt Romney and gone running on home a-bawling to his mommy. It was the ideal trap game. He was favored to win because of his money and connections. He was Tom Buchanan to Rick Santorum’s scrappy Nick Carraway. As Peggy Noonan once put it – “Nobody loves a Death Star.”.


Mitt against the world may not be as bad of a mismatch as I had originally presumed. Mitt dug deeply into more than just his pockets to pull this off and at least temporarily brought his bid back to life. Mitt has gotten better at this politics thing. I’m left wondering whether Young Willard kitted out for rugby matches every Saturday Morning. This could possibly explain Mitt Romney possessing a heretofore undetected quantum of tough beneath the preppy exterior.

If Rick Santorum wants to be President, he will have to improve his own game as well. As long as he allows himself to be caricatured as Rick SATANtorum he’s going to waste what was once a promising upset bid. He needs to get serious about translating his decent Christian values into something I can apply to the brutally secular street-level reality facing a declining America. Yet this is part of what the primary process is for – steel sharpening steel.

Mitt also impressed me against my will by winning actual Republicans in a Republican Primary. It’s something else I really wondered if Mitt had in him. In 2008, Romney won a Michigan Primary where 17% of the GOP Primay electorate was Democrat crossovers attempting to influence the result. This year, despite the efforts of Jabba The Moore to bring Democrats out to propel Santorum to victory, only 9% of the electorate came bearing a false flag. This means Romney can win a right-leaning electorate against other Republicans. That may come in handy on Super Tuesday.


Finally, Romney reversed what Peggy Noonan claims was a tuning out of the GOP. In 2008, 870K voted in the state of Michigan. Romney took 338K or 39% of this electorate. In 2012, 970K voted in Michigan. Romney captured about 411K or 41%. The electorate got bigger. It got more conservative. Romney did better. That, more than anything else I’ve seen from the man, was impressive.


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