Senator Scott Brown Vs NOAA

NOAA Fines Fishermen. NOAA Buys A Party Boat.

This morning, I’m proud of a member of The Republican Party in the US Senate. And no, I haven’t flipped my lid or smoked from a hookah. Senator Scott Brown took to the well of the Senate and heaped condign excoriation on one of the most utterly corrupt, venal and disingenuous US Government agencies that afflicts the American Taxpayer. The Agency is NOAA and Senator Brown had the following to say regarding their recent *ahem* enforcement and *cough, cough* procurement activities.


“NOAA levied totally unreasonable fines against our fishermen. Then they used that money to buy themselves a luxury boat,’’ Brown said in his floor speech. “While fishermen in Gloucester and New Bedford are struggling to put off foreclosure or mourning the loss of their livelihood because of NOAA’s overzealous enforcement, the NOAA office was living the good life on their dime,’’ he said.


Senator Brown has gotten his BVDs all wadded and started acting tea-baggerish over a report by The Department of Commerce Inspector General. Senator Brown represents some of the poorest and hardest struggling fishing communities in America. It seems NOAA is now the proud owner of a 35 foot luxury boat that goes for north of $300,000 worth of fines levied against fishermen. As for the director over at NOAA that allowed this travesty to happen, Senator Brown now wants that individual’s head in a basket.

The boat was supposedly purchased for official business. Sadly, it got used for official monkey business. The only things missing from the IG report are the inevitable government credit card expenditures on cocaine, Cialis and hookers. tells us more below.


According to the investigation, the boat was supposedly purchased for undercover investigations. Instead, it was mainly used by NOAA law enforcement personnel for personal entertainment, including transportation of family and friends for leisure excursions to dockside restaurants. The report said that employees also lied, under questioning by federal investigators, about the use of the boat.

Now Senator Brown should just calm down, take a deep breath and remember that people who work for NOAA are expected to lie. It’s the only way that they can support the next iteration of the UN IPCC in the manner in which the UN is accustomed to having US Government Climatologists work. Plus, he needs to just get with the game. Warren Buffett can’t get all the money from that tax-supported petty cash fund known as the US Treasury.

Or maybe Scott Brown has just had it up to here with the typical disingenuous bull hockey that so aptly categorizes the age of Obama. The examples of this administration throwing swag to its buddies with no regard to the national welfare abound and would take all day to recount. The latest involves the Democratic National Convention in Charlotts, NC.


Additionally, in an effort to entice the DNC to Charlotte, Rogers and Duke Energy offered to open a $10 million line of credit—guaranteed by Duke shareholders—to help finance the convention. Just as Rogers has helped fund Democratic politicians, they, in turn, have helped steer massive amounts of federal funding to Duke Energy. The 2009 stimulus package, for instance, was a boon for the company: Duke received federal grants totaling $230.4 million for a number of “green” energy projects including “smart grid” development and wind energy storage.

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As James Howard Kunstler says of President Obama and The Democratic Party.

Mr. Obama is pretending that an economic “recovery” is underway when he knows damn well that the banking system is just blowing smoke up the shredded (edit) of what’s left of that economy. He pretends to an interest in the rule of law in money matters but he’s done everything possible to prevent the Department of Justice, the SEC, and a dozen other regulatory authorities from functioning the way they were designed.


So in defense of fairness and honor, we rely on the diligence and integrity of our elected representatives. Fishermen in Plymouth are not going to bankroll Scott Brown to anywhere near the extent that The Sierra Club will undoubtedly open the coffers for Brown’s opponent. Elizabeth Warren, to the Harvard Manor born, will have a bottomless pit of special interest money that is primed to fuel the Democratic Party Crime Syndicate. When our senators and representatives fight the Chicago Machine, they need our support. They need our manpower and they need our money. People like Senator Brown deserve more than just a thanks and atta’ boy for fighting the forces on encroaching statist evil.



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