Chelsea Clinton and the Travails of the Undeserving 1%

In another win for the famously blind meritocracy that rules American life, rewarding the ultra-talented and pushing the less brilliant and skilled into the outer darkness, Chelsea Clinton has landed a coveted position at NBC News. This was almost as much a surprise as her admission to Stanford…


– Walter Russell Mead Via Meadia

I hope that the #OWSers, those mighty progressive warriors, those fine ivory paladins fighting the wealth disparity plaguing America, feel thoroughly hosed. And not just because they were unceremoniously disinvited from Camp Zuccotti. You see Former President, Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, has been hired to be a Special Correspondent at NBC News. Life sure gets rough as a member of the iniquitous 1%.*

Somehow, to me, this relates to the current state of our nation. We have a man in the White House who announced yesterday that Hawai’i was part of Asia. I guess the sun never sets on the 57 states of The American Empire. It’s too bad our Feckless Leader didn’t master Elementary School Geography some time before he matriculated at Harvard. How do we get these single-digit IQ, midget vote-suckers running America?

We get them the same way Chelsea Clinton made into Stanford. We get them the same way The Ancient and Honorable Kingdom of Spain got mentally retarded Hapsburg Monarchs who bred by incestuous conjugation. We get these idiots because the United States has fallen away from being anything close to a legitimate meritocracy. As we become increasingly left-wing as a culture and a society, we devolve into a Post-Modern Feudalism where some of the animals always seem to be more equal.


These idiots recently deloused from Zuccotti Park think The Man who keeps them down works on Wall Street. No. That evil, detestable, son of a [Decency Edit] works on K-Street. He makes way more money than my mutual fund managers in New York ever do, and doesn’t even have to fear prosecution for insider trading. Yet Brian Williams of NBC News assures us Chelsea Clinton is an ideal candidate for the job.

Williams, anchor and managing editor of “NBC Nightly News” and “Rock Center,” said, “Chelsea Clinton has led a remarkable life. She possesses an uncommon understanding of humanity — on city streets, across this country and around the globe. We are so excited she’s joining us to tell the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”

Yeah! That, and as soon as I get bored over here at RedState, I’m off to Rome to be the next Pontifex Maximus. Things like this are why I had such high hopes for the Tea Party Movement. I wanted this mendacious, self-licking, dog-feces ice-cream cone of an inbred mediocracy purged. I wanted it purged first from the Republican Party, and then, in 2012, from American politics. I guess I also wanted a pony….

Watch the vapid, ineluctable daughter of the former First Couple of Arkansas commit journalism via the idiot box. Afterwards, come back here and tell us how you will lead a peaceful uprising at the ballot box. Lead it in the GOP Primaries first and the general election of 2012.


Nothing much is at stake here people; just the difference between America and Amerika. Like Chelsea Clinton, you too can make a difference. Only you can actually make a positive difference, rather than spending your entire existence as part of the destructive and undeserving elite that multiplies everything it lays its finely-manicured hands on by -1. Please help us take our Blessed Nation back. That is all.

* – Of course, Chelsea really could be that smart. Her vast reservoir of life experiences may have accidentally endowed her with a certain empathy with people who are constrained by having to earn an honest living. Stranger things have happened. However, if I respected anything even remotelly connected to William Jefferson Clinton, I would respectfully doubt it.



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