The Greyhound To Nowhere

Faux American Gothic - Bad Luck Barry Style

A lot is wrong in Washington, DC. In response to these problems, President Obama has gotten out of town. He has gone on what RS Colleague, Dan Spencer accurately describes as a taxpayer funded campaign jaunt through Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa. He’ll be out speaking from 15 to 17 August. The President can run, but he cannot hide. The problem is not primarily in Washington, DC. The problem is the very man who organized this Greyhound ride to nowhere.


He argues that he is presenting a new economic package to demonstrate his newfound focus on jobs.

“I’ll be putting forward, when they come back in September, a very specific plan to boost the economy, to create jobs, and to control our deficit,”

– President Obama (HT: The Daily Caller)

Furthermore, it truly could be argued that the President has a role to play. He could work to spark public morale. Given recent public opinion polling from Rasmussen; The public does require reassurance.

93 percent of Americans say they are paying more for groceries now than they were a year ago. 4 percent say they are not paying more. 79 percent expect to pay even more for groceries a year from now. 15 percent expect to pay the same on groceries in a year; 3 percent expect to pay less. 79 percent are concerned about inflation in the U.S. 19 percent have some concerns about inflation; 4 percent have no concerns at all. 65 percent say they are not confident that the Federal Reserve can keep inflation and interest rates under control. 31 percent have some confidence in the Fed.

(Washington Times)

However, the President has nothing to say that isn’t self-referential. This solipsism and self-pity inspires nobody. His latest fatuous claim is that he had reversed the recession until he was hit with bad luck.

“We had reversed the recession, avoided a depression, gotten the economy moving again,” Obama told a crowd in Decorah, Iowa. “But over the last six months we’ve had a run of bad luck.” Obama listed three events overseas — the Arab Spring uprisings, the tsunami in Japan, and the European debt crises — which set the economy back.


(HT: Washington Examiner)

But it’s not luck alone that makes President Obama such an irresolute and unrelenting failure as a national leader. He is solipsistic and utterly unconcerned with the fate of other people around him. He has probably never considered the needs of other people once in one of his major professional or personal decisions. He is so utterly self-absorbed that Sam Vaknin of Global actually took down a copy of the latest DSM and compared Barack Obama’s behaviors to that of a person suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Dr. Vaknin describes President Obama has an individual who feels above the law, talks about himself in the 3rd person, and has a self-infatuating, messianic view of his life. He goes on to describe Barack Obama as disdainful of the people he rules, a holder of grudges and as an eternal adolescent. All of which explains how he can seriously stand up in front of a crowd and claim he had nothing to do with the United States losing its AAA Credit Rating. It helps him keep a straight face and declare his intention to fight against a “Do-Nothing Congress” that is failing the nation by not enacting his economic master plan. Dr. Krugman looks more rational than Obama when he pines for an invasion of space aliens to bring us all together.

But in the end, this pathetic political campaign bus tour, with its faux American Gothic Trappings and it’s laughable excuses to wish away obvious reality, will fail. It will fail because of who Barack Obama is as a leader and as a man.


Setting President Obama’s ridiculous prior speeches aside, he truly cannot make the tides not inundate Japan. He can, however, control a lot more than he has controlled. Successful leaders and admirable human beings create their own good fortune. As RS Colleague Leon Wolf points out, Barack Obama makes his own rotten luck.

He also inflicts that ill fortune on a nation of undeserving people for whom he has no regard, no concern and ultimately, no true respect. He will be repudiated by history, but he needs to be repudiated politically long before that karmic justice takes place. We all have our disagreements as to whether Romney, Bachman, Perry or The Man on The Moon should be the choice to oppose him. However, for the good of our nation, oppose this man we must. America must get off Barack Obama’s Greyhound to Nowhere.


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