This is Martin Frost. He Exemplifies the New Tone™

Martin Frost and The New-Left's New Tone
I'm Sure Glad Martin Frost Toned It Down After The Giffords Shooting

We now have a group of U.S. politicians seeking political purity, who seem to have much in common with the Taliban. They are tea party members; and because of blind adherence to smaller government, they seem intent on risking destroying what American political leaders have constructed in more than two centuries of hard, often painful work. Like the Taliban, they see compromise as an unacceptable alternative.


-Izvestia in Atlanta (

Former Democratic Congressman, Martin Frost of Texas, seemed to miss the memo about the new tone of civility that we were all supposed to employ after the Gabriela Giffords shooting. That’s OK; he’s from another Era -perhaps the Pleistocene Era. He served in The House of Representatives from 1979 -2005.

He instead channels the most ignorant and hateful voices his party has to offer in accusing new Tea Party Congressmen of being like the Taliban. He accuses them of seeking to blow up 200 years of American Governance, because they came to Washington, DC determined to reverse the trajectory of ever-increasing government involvement in every aspect of American life.

To Martin Frost, and to many other figures in both parties who simply reside in Congress to buy votes and continue to reside in Congress, people like Representative Daniel Webster truly are “Taliban Dan.” They seek to blow up a cartel by depriving it of its money to fuel more sleaze and corruption.

Open-minded Liberals such as Jonathan Chait have immediately compared any effort by the GOP to reduce the overall size and scope of the US Federal Government to the violent attacks authored by Hezbollah. What they’ve demonstrated, is that Goodwin’s Law either became obsolete with the election of Mein Obama, or needs to also ban the use of Radical Islamic terror groups as well as Nazis.


Or, maybe, just maybe, it’s time for these Liberals to admit that the Blue Social Model, based on activist government and Keynesian Economics has failed to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. That would demonstrate an evolution on the part of the Left that would help them acquire fewer scars on their hands from the repetitive stress of knuckle-dragging.

Any willingness on the activist left to stop attempting a New Deal every time we hit a major economic crisis would finally be a new tone that would lead to intelligent conversation about America’s future. That would be a vast improvement over Martin Frost’s backwards view that only government can save the ignorant and fanatic rubes out in Flyover Country. And it would hopefully end the pathetic name-calling that comes along with his all-to-typical New-Left Smug-Cloud.


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