Apology from the RNC Director of Rapid Response

*The below apology from Jahan Wilcox, which was posted by Chairman Priebus, is appreciated by RedState, as is the severe reprimand that we were told was administered. Unfortunately, the willingness of some within the ranks of the party apparatus to demean, and sometimes even work against, conservative candidates has grown this primary cycle. While we are disappointed that this happened within the ranks of Reince’s RNC, it should be noted that a response like this from the RNC Chair wouldn’t have happened before Chairman Priebus’ leadership. I would also like to personally thank Raffi Williams for reaching out to RedState on this matter. – Aaron Gardner*


From Jahan Wilcox, RNC Director of Rapid Response:

On Tuesday night, I made a mistake and exhibited poor judgment. I tweeted something from my personal account I should not have. As a Republican especially as the Director for Rapid Response for the RNC, it was not appropriate.

I apologize. The RNC rules are clear and my actions violated them. It will not happen again.





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