In a battle between Ted Cruz and Harry Reid, we must stand with Senator Cruz

In a battle between Ted Cruz and Harry Reid, we must stand with Senator Cruz.

Last week, House Republicans overwhelmingly passed legislation that defunds ObamaCare while keeping the government open and running. Now it is time for the Senate to do the same.


Republicans want to keep the government running. Democrats claim they want the same, but they aren’t acting like it. By denouncing the House bill, Harry Reid has already said that he’s willing to shut down the government to save face for the president and to defend a failed law.

Luckily, Senator Ted Cruz refuses to be bullied by Harry Reid and the Democrat-led Senate. Fifty-five percent of Americans disapprove of the manner in which ObamaCare is being implemented, yet Harry Reid and Senate Democrats continue to defend it, even at the expense of keeping the government running.

Republicans run the House and they’ve done their part: funding the government, defunding ObamaCare. Senator Cruz is continuing the fight in Senate. If the Senate fails to defund Obamacare, it will be Democrats’ fault. If the government has to shut down, it will be their doing.

I stand with Republicans and we are all standing against this train wreck of a law.

So join us by signing our pledge today. Tell Harry Reid: Defund ObamaCare now!



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