VIP Gold Chat: What Would the Founding Fathers Think of Biden Family Inc.? - Replay Available

It’s Wednesday night, and that means it is time for the RedState VIP LIVE chat. Duke and Scott, along with Producer Jimothy, are here for all the action in our second show of the month of July as we are still celebrating our founding fathers. Please excuse us, though, as we are still cleaning up from the epic show last week with Townhall Media Maven Brad Slager, who simply rocked the joint. Cocaine in the White House and Other Tales From the Crypt With Brad Slager

While we are still celebrating the birth month of our nation, it is time to ponder what in the hell the Founding Fathers would think of the nation’s current state.

Here is a sampling of some of the “events” going on as covered by RedState.

*Bumbling Joe Biden Embarrasses U.S. On World Stage Once Again With Incoherent NATO Speech

*The Rejection of Parenthood: The Hollow Happiness of Selfishness Is Being Sold as Fulfillment

*‘Creepy Personal Snoop Machine’: Matt Gaetz Grills FBI Director Chris Wray Over Illegal FISA Queries

After that sampling, if you listen closely, you can hear the sobbing from their graves.

What can we do — if anything — and how long until it gets done?

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