LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, DC

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Another Tuesday, another set of primaries. This week, it’s primaries in Virginia and Washington D.C. and runoff elections in Alabama and Georgia. Here’s what to keep an eye on:



While the focus in many recent elections has been on which candidates were endorsed by President Trump, Tuesday’s runoff elections in Alabama and Georgia will heighten that scrutiny, as the former president has chosen sides in each of those elections. In Alabama, it’s the runoff for the US Senate seat being vacated by Republican Richard Shelby, who is retiring after 45 years. The runoff features Katie Britt and Mo Brooks.

Per Fox News:

Katie Britt, a former longtime Shelby aide who served as the senator’s chief of staff from 2016-2018 and who later became the first female president and CEO of the Business Council of Alabama, is considered the favorite in the Alabama runoff, against Rep. Mo Brooks, who was one of Trump’s top allies in the House.

Trump backed Brooks last year when the congressman was the front-runner in the race, but the former president took back his endorsement earlier this year as Brooks struggled in the polls. And after criticizing Britt last year, Trump praised her as he endorsed her a week ago, after new polls indicated Britt surging.

Alabama also has a Republican runoff for the Fifth Congressional District between Dale Strong and Casey Wardynski, and a Democrat gubernatorial runoff between Yolanda Flowers and Malika Sanders-Fortier.


Meanwhile, in Georgia, there are four Congressional runoffs for Republicans. The higher profile races feature Jake Evans and Rich McCormick in the Sixth District and Mike Collins and Vernon Jones in the Tenth. Evans and Jones both have Trump’s backing, while McCormick has Senator Ted Cruz’s and Collins has Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s.


Additional runoffs include the Second and Seventh Districts for the Republicans and the First and Tenth for the Democrats.


In Virginia, the Democrats have a primary election in the Eighth District, where incumbent Don Beyer faces off with Victoria Virasingh.

The Republicans have primaries in the Second, Third, Sixth, and Seventh Districts.

Washington DC

In DC, there are primaries for both the Democrats and the Republicans (for US House, Nonvoting Member). Republican Nelson Rimensnyder is running unopposed, while Democrats Wendy Hamilton and Kelly Mikel Williams are challenging incumbent Eleanor Holmes.

See below for live results, and stay with RedState for the latest election coverage throughout the night and into Wednesday. (Click the “Change Race” option at the upper right of each map to toggle between the races.)





Washington D.C.



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