LIVE: South Carolina Primary Results

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Big night in South Carolina as Joe Biden tries to convince people he’s relevant. While Biden is probably a favorite, he’s also running against an expectations game. The RCP average has Biden up by 15 points. Five-thirty-eight has Sanders up by 20.


Unless Biden finishes well above 15 points ahead of Sanders, it’s going to be spun…accurately…as a loss, not a win.

South Carolina is also critical for Warren, Klobuchar, and Buttigieg. Unless they can show real strength here, they are finished and Super Tuesday will just be an exercise in bayoneting the mortally wounded.

Things to watch for: is there evidence of a significant “Operation Chaos” effort…as immoral as it might me (smdh)…by GOP voters to swing the race to Sanders and how effective is Shorty Bloomberg’s write-in effort.



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