The Destruction of the Public Education System and the American Family

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We have seen all the outrage of parents, grandparents, guardians, and the concerned public about critical race theory.  I was one of those parents who was outraged and spoke out.  The more I look at our school systems, the more I see there’s an even deeper component that we are not talking about.


How did we miss the introduction of something so deceptive like critical race theory into our school systems?

I have a theory, no pun intended.  But hear me out.

American kids are exposed to quite a wild culture in public schools.  Sex, drugs, and CRT.  But how was all of this missed by these concerned parents like myself?  I consider myself to be very involved in my children’s schooling.  However, I totally missed the fine print.  I didn’t pay attention to the laws being passed, who was being elected to school boards, non-profit organizations that attach themselves to schools that have no business in schools, especially elementary.  The heavy involvement of teachers’ unions and the influence they have over school boards.

It’s obvious we care, otherwise, we wouldn’t see the nightly uproar at school board meetings across the country.

I believe a significant reason for critical race theory and all the madness in public schools is the fact that the American family unit has significantly deteriorated.

According to Statista:

While the number of married couples in the U.S. has increased in the past few decades, this could very well just be due to population change, since while the U.S. population has been increasing, the marriage rate has decreased significantly since 1990. In addition, the divorce rate has almost halved since 1990 despite concerns that more people are getting divorced than in years past.


When single parents carry the burden of the finances, work, school, possibly seeking an education themselves, helping children with homework, reading bills, vetting school board candidates can be at the very bottom of the list. It is hard enough for two-parent homes to understand exactly what is going on with their children, so when we see the increase of single parents, it’s no wonder public schools have gotten out of control without two parents there to regulate them.

Children need stable homes, and the best place for them is a home with a mother and father. We must teach the upcoming generation the importance of marrying, staying married, and learning from our mistakes. There is a high price to be paid when we neglect family structure that has existed from time immemorial. I understand the need to progress, to advance society to new innovations and discoveries.  However, to keep society functional and thriving, we cannot leave behind the very things that undergird its ability to progress, which includes strong family structure.

If the family continues to erode, I’m afraid critical race theory, sex, and drugs in public schools will be minuscule compared to what will come.



Quisha King (kee-shuh) is the former Regional Engagement Coordinator for Black Voices for Trump, Founder of King Consulting, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing.  She is also the former Director of Communications for the Jacksonville Young Republicans, a four-time singer of the National Anthem for President Trump’s rallies, and an advocate for Christian conservative values.


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