Chain-Link Nation

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You can’t swing a cat without hitting some newly-erected, chain-link enclosure these days. Here in Los Angeles and across the country, most notably in the District of Columbia — or wherever it is — the Controlling Class (read, Leftist politicos and their media and Hollywood propagandists) seems to have fallen head over heels for these industrial-chic palisades.


In Washington, the Left continues to beat the drum of insurrection, and an imminent second siege by right-wing invaders, despite the fact that the G-Men have pretty much neutralized the desk-crapper, podium-stealer, Viking hat guy, and anyone with airplane peanuts stuck in their teeth from a flight to D.C. in advance of January 6. It’s theater of the absurd. But that big, beautiful chain-link pen serves two purposes: it reminds us who’s in charge, and it serves to demonize anyone who doesn’t drink pink, progressive Kool-Aid. Unfortunately, it also makes our enemies around the globe see us as weak and divided; and makes us no better than a despotic police state.

Speaking of police, the second stop on our cross-country, chain-link road trip is Minneapolis, where chain-link fences have dotted the landscape since the death of George Floyd. You’ll see them around the Hennepin County Courthouse, the county jail, Minneapolis City Hall, and the police stations where they got themselves the hardcore stuff: razor wire. I don’t reckon any of it is coming down any time soon, given the upcoming sentencing of Derek Chauvin and the adjudication of Kim Potter, the former police officer who said she mistook her gun for a taser when attempting to subdue Daunte Wright. 


Next stop, Southern California, which is becoming an increasingly popular destination for chain-link tourism. In Burbank, Tin Horn Flats — a restaurant-pub trying to go about their business during the unscientific lockdowns imposed by pandemonium — was bullied, harassed, fined, had their utilities cut, and was eventually ordered boarded up by the Communist (excuse me, the Democratic Socialist) City Council. Oh, but they didn’t stop there. Twenty-year-old Lucas Lepejian, who runs the place for his father, was arrested three times. And, the cynical City sent in a crew to drive piles into the sidewalk and put up a fence around the 50-year-old eatery. Tin Horn remains in lockdown, locked-up, and penned-in, despite L.A. County’s newly relaxed (though still incredibly stupid) orders. 

On the bright side, I’d argue the owners are lucky. In the event the clowns on the City Council grant them the privilege of opening their doors again, the Lepejians can thank taxpayers for keeping their restaurant riot-proof.

I’ve saved the best for last! The Great Wall around LA’s Union Station and nearby park, in preparation for Hollywood’s most fabulous night: The Academy Awards. You’re thinking, “Wait, there’s nothing explosive on the crime blotter…and there aren’t enough alt-right-wing-anoners to shake a stick at in Los Angeles. What gives?” 


Well, you see, it’s our little ‘homeless’ problem. Downtown Los Angeles is a slum because our Mayor and City Council have been abjectly and deliberately negligent — if not homicidal — in letting this plague mushroom. The ‘unhoused’ population, most (not all) of whom do not want housing because they are addicted, mentally ill, addicted and mentally ill, or just plain criminally vagrant transients, were relocated — tents, bike parts, Hibachi grills, and what-not — to…elsewhere. This, so long as the celebrities and VIPs would not be exposed to the unwashed riffraff adjacent to the Red Carpet. And, so the cameras would not accidentally film a guy defecating on the sidewalk. 

The attempt to construct a Potemkin Village didn’t go unnoticed by Rev. Andy Bales, head of L.A’.s Union Rescue Mission, who accused the city of having done exactly what they did. And there’s “DJ”, who lives in a tent in the area. He told Fox 11, “They came to us about a week ago saying that we had to move by Friday 6 p.m. because they were trying to clean up for the Oscars and they told us if we didn’t move, they were gonna just demolish our stuff.” One eyewitness told me he saw a city worker spraying the sidewalk with bleach where a homeless woman, now in tears, once resided. 


The local City Councilman denied it all (see link above), implying that what we see on a daily basis is just an illusion. I just wonder how long he thinks they can keep this charade up. Maybe Vegas has an over-under on the number of days before it turns back into a sh*thole of suffering again. 

Meantime, let us remember that as these Leftist leaders are putting up barriers all over our country, we have a Southern border that is hemorrhaging human beings. Our once lower-cased, democratic nation is now a disgrace. And it’s by design. 

Emily Barsh is a media consultant based in Los Angeles. @EmilyTVProducer can be trolled or extolled on Twitter and Instagram.


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