Stand Up With Ted Cruz

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It’s decision time in Texas. The last hours of the contest to name the next United States Senator are running down and the choice for Texans couldn’t be more clear.


Ted Cruz is our man.

Erick wrote just the other day about the need for conservatives to open their wallets to help Ted win this battle against establishment moderate David Dewhurst. Polls and financial reports show the Cruz campaign surging forward in every dimension but time is short and the stakes are high.

Texas conservatives are standing up to send Ted Cruz to Washington but we need your help!

Here’s what we need you to do: Call Texans and help us spread the word about why they need to vote for Ted Cruz!

How you’re going to do it: Go to and click “Connect with Facebook.” You’ll be logged into our Gravity Phone-Bank Portal. On screen instructions will guide you through the process of getting ready to call and within moments you can be contacting Texas voters.

You can either call with your own phone or using our Gravity Phone, straight from your computer. The script will pop up on the screen and you will be able to easily click the answers and input the voter responses. If a voter other than the targeted voter answers the phone, you can click their name in the household voter list to let the system know who you’re talking to. (For more answers about how to use Gravity see this blog post)


We need your help!

Whether you can do one call or one thousand, it’s time to make sure we send a strong conservative to Washington, not just another go-along-get-along Republican. Ted Cruz is our man and with your help he’ll be our next United States Senator from Texas!


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