Texas Election Effort Launched by American Majority Action

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For the last three years I’ve been working with grassroots organizers here in Texas, training and partnering with conservatives who believe that it’s time to take a stand. This election cycle I’m excited to be launching another effort that will work with TEA Partiers to elect strong conservatives and build the infrastructure to keep them accountable.


As many of y’all know, the battle that’s being fought in Texas is very different from most states. If you look at an electoral map, we’re about as red as they come. We even had a super-majority of Republicans in our State House this last session but liberal Republican leadership governed in such a way that a weak agenda was put forward and few victories were had. In a year where running the table was a literal possibility, we didn’t even push the envelope.

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of Texas Action, an arm of American Majority Action that will work to elect conservatives in Texas primaries and general elections. Toward that end, we will be announcing endorsements, conducting independent campaign efforts, deploying teams of block-walkers and phone-bankers and even opening Liberty Headquarters as physical bases of operation for volunteers during the last month of the primary election.

The efforts that TX Action undertakes won’t be unilateral endorsements and independent expenditure campaigns. We will work with grassroots organizations and community leaders across Texas in an effort to further engage conservative activists and empower individuals.

As we look forward to Texas’ 83rd Legislative Session it is important to send a crop of conservative representatives to Austin who understand the problems we face, grasp the difficulty of the solutions they must enact and possess the fortitude of conviction required for principled action. It is critical that Texas voters be heard and we look forward to working with conservatives across the state to amplify their voice.


We have less than 80 days to shape the face of the Republican Party’s slate of nominees to the State Legislature. During that time, Texas Action will do everything within our power to support conservative candidates and empower activists to have a larger impact in the process.

We need your help spreading the word! You can find us on Twitter, Facebook or visit our website.

Tomorrow we will begin rolling out our list of endorsements so signup for email updates!



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