No, Joe Biden Wasn't Denied Service at a Bakery; Here's Why That's a Lie

The Resistance is in overdrive attempting to paint a narrative that just doesn’t jibe with facts. This week has been one hot political topic after another with one Machiavellian tactic after another.


Days after Sarah Sanders and her family were denied service at the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, the topic continues to drag on. While the owner had the right to deny Sanders service, it’s been a public relations nightmare for the small business. Maxine Waters is rallying the troops to whip up mobs to coerce people like Sanders into submission. This tactic is blowing up in the left’s face as moderate voters find this incredibly appalling. People don’t want to go to a restaurant and have to deal with another patron being 86’d for political reasons. Drama doesn’t make a good side dish.

Since the left is losing this battle in public opinion, many have pivoted to another Red Hen argument claiming Republicans did it too. I’m seeing multiple comparisons to Joe Biden not being served at the Crumb and Get It Cookie Company in 2012. But, these comparisons are nothing short of a perversion of the truth.

Biden’s advance team wanted to do a campaign stop and media event at the bakery. This was not a refusal to serve the Vice President. This was a polite rejection of a campaign stop. Chris and Kelly McMurray didn’t their business to be used to promote Biden’s politics. You would never know that by watching videos and reading countless Facebook posts by armchair politicos who haven’t taken five minutes’ time to do some research.


Of course, Now This is in on the action promoting this propaganda.

These business owners should not be forced to host a political event complete with the media entourage. It’s absurd to think leftist activists would be accepting of Starbucks being forced to hold a Republican event in one of its stores. A company has a right to not be used for political gain.

This is a bizarre tactic from the left anyhow. “They did it first” isn’t exactly a responsible argument. It’s not something parents accept from their children. Is it acceptable in the political world?

The voters on both extremes are not going to be swayed by any of these arguments. It’s the people in the middle whose votes matter. And this silly bantering and grasping at straws is only going to agitate voters. People want to hear about issues and how problems will be solved. They don’t want to be lectured about appetizers and six-year-old cookies.


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