Questionable Women For Trump PAC Claims "Unhinged" Is Sexist Word Two Hours After Trump Tweets It

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump kisses a "Women for Trump" sign during a campaign rally, Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016, in Lakeland, Fla. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Women For Trump is not affiliated with President Trump. That’s rather apparent for a number of reasons but was particularly highlighted on Monday night with tweets attacking a Congressional candidate for using a word that President Trump tweeted just two hours earlier.


Women for Trump has weighed in with an endorsement in Ohio’s 16th Congressional Republican primary. They are supporting longshot candidate Christina Hagan over Anthony Gonzalez. She claims to be against career politicians, even though has been a State Representative since being appointed to the Ohio House while in college. That didn’t stop this questionable PAC from hitching their wagon to her.

Similar to Hagan, Women For Trump not only doesn’t have the support of the President, but it also has a history of clutching its pearls and crying sexism when there is a disagreement. This snowflake mentality took a hilarious turn after a debate on Monday night. Rather than present her positions, Hagan went into full-fledged attack mode in her closing arguments. That’s what someone who is losing does, after all.

Anthony Gonzalez’s campaign tweeted that she seemed unhinged. This is a rather standard word that is used to describe people all the time, but Women For Trump responded that the word “unhinged” is sexist.


Gonzalez’s campaign deleted the tweet, but Women For Trump screenshot it.

These “Women For Trump” probably should have checked out their namesake’s recent tweets. Just two hours before the PAC’s tweet, President Trump also tweeted using the word unhinged.

Harlan Hill, Democratic strategist who supported Bernie Sanders and works on Hagan’s campaign, also tweeted that the word “unhinged” is sexist. Does the Hagan campaign apply the same standards to the President?

Does Women For Trump think President Trump’s tweet is sexist? Or is it only sexist when said about one of the candidates they are using to fundraise off of? It appears this PAC becomes unhinged when dealing with criticism.


This PAC has a history of spending as little as three cents of every donated dollar on campaign-related materials. The bulk of donations go to administrative overhead. Running a PAC can be a rather profitable endeavor.

What is Women For Trump’s intent here? Their tweets seem to contradict the PACs name.



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