Planned Parenthood Drops a Pile of Cash To Smear Wendy Vitter

Planned Parenthood has a bottom line to protect. They haul in a lot of revenue from abortions and they are seeking to protect their margins.

We never stop hearing about how Planned Parenthood is the measure of being “pro-woman”, but the organization has waged an all-out war on one woman in particular anyway: Wendy Vitter.


Vitter was nominated by President Trump for a seat on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to begin taking up her confirmation hearing on Wednesday.

This has Planned Parenthood alarmed to the point that they’re shelling out five figures on a digital campaign to oppose Vitter’s appointment to the federal bench, on the grounds that they believe she is an “extremist”. You know, because she’s pro-life.

Vitter happens to be general counsel for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans. Planned Parenthood only approves of Catholics who worship at the altar of abortion, so Vitter is a source of big concern. So of course, they’re attempting to attack her character by painting her as an extremist.


Dana Singiser, Planned Parenthood’s vice president of public policy and government affairs, said, “Wendy Vitter is dangerous, untrustworthy, and unfit for a lifetime appointment as a federal judge. Vitter’s record of opposing women’s health and rights is far outside the mainstream.”

“The bottom line is that Vitter can’t be trusted to be unbiased or fair-minded,” the organization that routinely ends the life of unborn children said.

“Dangerous.” Abortion Inc. is calling her dangerous. How rich.

Vitter is far from dangerous. She has earned praise from lawyers who have worked for and against her when was with the Orleans Parish District Attorney. Four attorneys who argued cases against this nominee signed a letter saying they “know her to be a very smart, effective, professional and honest attorney.”

Apparently Planned Parenthood finds competence, fairness, honesty, and integrity to be a danger to them. Put that way, it’s hard to disagree. Those are all qualities that would be a danger to the abortion mill.


In actuality, the big, dangerous sin that Planned Parenthood takes offense to is that Vitter occasionally speaks on pro-life panels (and that she’s the wife of former Senator David Vitter), and they’re using that as part of their digital campaign to get voters to ask their Senators to vote against her confirmation.

This alone makes her “unfit to judge” in the eyes of abortion enthusiasts. Whether she’s actually a great nominee doesn’t matter to these activists, who only want activists judges in the pocket of Planned Parenthood.

The better to keep serve that bottom line.


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