The Daily Beast Attacks Howard Schultz Over Starbucks Music Store's Whiteness

You have to wonder how much confidence Democratic voters have in the 268 people who have officially announced or are mulling a bid in 2020 for the chance to run against Donald Trump. When Starbucks former CEO Howard Schultz announced he might run for president in 2020 as an independent, Democrats immediately began to worry.


Talk abounds of Schultz siphoning enough votes from the eventual Democratic candidate, thereby opening the door for a second Trump term. Democrats may want to examine the leftward drift the party made that a reliable liberal such as Schultz thinks it’s gone too far.

Expect to see a slew of silly attacks from the media and Schultz for not falling in line. The Daily Beast wasted no time, and the first broadside is a doozy. From the piece:

Howard Schultz, the former Starbucks CEO now actively contemplating an independent presidential bid, has had a tricky history dealing with race issues.

He was loudly mocked in 2015 for launching a “Race Together” campaign, which was done to spark conversations about racial inequality among patrons of his coffeeshop empire but which critics called tone deaf. Even before then, his tenure leading the Seattle Supersonics ownership group, raised eyebrows when the team replaced in-arena hip-hop music with “mellow jazz” and Bobby Darin.

Schultz, in his new book, apologized for the 2015 campaign, acknowledging that it was “patronizing.” But if more evidence is needed that race could become a complicating factor in a possible presidential run, one need look no further than the former CEO’s music store.

Starbucks, which sold music alongside coffee from 1994 to 2015, had, what could only be described as, a flat and white selection of tunes to offer.


Seriously? This is what they have?

First of all, who in their right mind ever thought, “I want to get some new music. Let’s head over to Starbucks!” outside of maybe a character in an early 90s grunge-themed movie? Even before digital music boom and streaming services, no one ever looked to the famed coffee shop as their go-to choice for music purchases.

Also, have the writers at Starbucks ever been inside one of their stores and seen the clientele who hang around all day? That’s precisely the kind of music they will listen to while sipping on lattes.

If this is going to be the kind of “news” about Schultz the media will cover, they’ll only make it easier for people to want to vote for him.




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