This Ad From Paul Gosar’s Opponent Is The Most Awkward of 2018 So Far

Move over Ron DeSantis, there’s a new Most Awkward and Uncomfortable political campaign ad of 2018.

It starts out pretty bland but ends with a twist.

Thanksgiving dinner is going to be awkward this year for the Gosars.


Dr. David Brill is running for Congress in Arizona’s 4th district against incumbent and controversial Republican Paul Gosar and six of Gosar’s nine siblings are publicly voting against him.

Gosar has become a controversial figure who appeals to the same crowd as Senate hopeful and conspiracy theorist Kelli Ward.

“We gotta stand up for our good name,” said brother David Gosar in the advertisement. “This is not who we are.”

“I couldn’t be quiet any longer, nor should any of us be,” said sister Grace Gosar.

“I think my brother has traded a lot of the values we had at our kitchen table,” said another sister, Joan.

His brother, David, also said in an interview, “There isn’t a kooky, crazy, nutty thing that he isn’t a part of. What are we supposed to do?”

I will say as someone whose dad was an early and ardent fan of Alex Jones, I totally understand the feeling. I love the guy, but I wouldn’t vote for my dad for dog catcher.


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