On Morning Joe, Noah Rothman Sets The Record Straight on Brett Kavanaugh

If there’s one consistency surrounding the Kavanaugh hearings in cable news media and Democrats, by and large, it’s to go after Judge Kavanaugh for doing what Supreme Court nominees have done for decades; declining to opine on issues that may come before them while on the Court.


If anyone thought the weekend would cool everyone’s heels, they were sorely disappointed as MSNBC’s Morning Joe did their best to call out Kavanaugh for not answering a question to their satisfaction regarding immigration and race.

After Joe “I was in Congress” Scarborough and Steve Schmidt, former McCain campaign manager went on a diatribe about how Kavanaugh didn’t answer the question, Commentary Magazine‘s Noah Rothman stepped up to be the voice of reason.

It’s too bad we don’t have more levelheaded individuals filling the cable news panels, it would go a long way in reducing our national political discourse down from its current default level of Hair-On-Fire.


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