PETA Gives Us Another Reason To Show Why It's Not A Serious Organization

Can you imagine going to Italy and telling them to stop eating pasta or pizza? Or Ireland and telling them not to drink beer? Well, that’s kind of what it’s like going to Maryland and telling them not to eat crab.


Maryland is known for crab. In fact, Crisfield, MD is known as the Crab Capital of The World. There are several eateries at Camden Yards where fans get can get crab dishes to eat. That’s why PETA’s attempt to get Maryland people to stop eating crab ranks up there among their dumbest campaigns. Look at this idiocy:

PETA had that billboard put up in Baltimore, and that loud noise you hear are people from Maryland, laughing.

This is one of its least offensive campaigns. Once, the organization attempted to get the town of Fishkill, New York to change its name. Why? The “violence” of the word “kill” alongside “fish” was not a good combination. Had those bozos done just a little research, they’d find the word “kill” means “river” or “stream” in Dutch.

But just as a reminder, here is a list of some of their more memorable garbage:

  • They encourage people to eat breast milk ice cream. Yes. That happened.
  • Compared the American Kennel Club to the KKK. Members of PETA dressed up like members of the klan
  • Compared chickens to victims of the Holocaust
  • Said people who eat meat are like serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Conducted a “human barbecue” to make it seem like barbecuing a whole pig was just as bad.
  • Claimed cow’s milk caused autism to scare people into not drinking it

I think most reasonable people are opposed to the cruelty of animals. It’s one thing to feel disgusted when a story breaks detailing the account of some jerk beating on a puppy. Comparing chickens to Holocaust victims is just insane.

That’s partly why no one takes this group of lunatics seriously except perhaps the female celebrities who are happy to get naked for PETA campaigns.


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