Trump's Former Doctor Says Office Raided After Saying He Prescribed The President Hair Growth Meds

Remember Donald Trump’s rather hippy-dippy-looking doctor, Harold Bornstein, who wrote a note in 2016 assuring the nation The Donald’s health was “excellent, especially his mental health” and he’d be the healthiest person to ever win the White House?


Well, now Bornstein is back in the news claiming his offices were raided in February last year, shortly after Trump’s inauguration.

In an interview with NBC News, Bornstein said the raid carried out by Trump’s longtime bodyguard, Keith Schiller, as well as an attorney with the Trump Organization, Alan Garten, as well as a third “large man” spent roughly a half-hour digging through files.

Bornstein said he felt “raped, frightened, and sad” as the men rifled through paperwork, gathering original charts under Trump’s name and a pseudonym.

The raid, as Bornstein calls it, allegedly took place on Feb. 3, 2017, just days after he had told a reporter he had prescribed Propecia, a medication often given to stimulate hair growth, to Donald Trump — a confidentiality violation in its own right.

While all of this event seems out of the ordinary, the rather shocking part is the men who were ostensibly there on behalf of Donald Trump to collect his medical files, no one presented Bornstein or his office with a HIPAA release form allowing them to remove the records. A complete breach of medical practice legal protocol.


This claim points to what an ambush this must’ve been. However, it also makes one wonder, what if these three hadn’t been representatives of Trump but were simply claiming to be? Trump’s strongmen should’ve had the HIPAA release and Bornstein should’ve called authorities before letting the men go through confidential medical files without one.

All in all, this story sounds like one big HIPAA violation on both sides.


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