Be Smarter: Let Guns Look Like Guns

As the NRA convention arrives in Dallas this week, cool new firearms and gadgets will be on exposition to view and handle, as one would imagine at a convention for Second Amendment supporters, gun enthusiasts or not.


As the advertising campaign for the convention ramps up, some of these new and novelty items are shared on social media to garner interest — and, of course, outrage is a given.

This particular year, even I, a Second Amendment supporter and defender of the NRA’s traditional mission, have to question the prudence of one of the items being marketed this year — if it was marketed in previous years, don’t @ me — is a gun shaped like a smartphone.

I initially hoped this was just a one-off novelty item, but nope. It’s available for retail purchase.

Don’t worry, I’ve already been told by  I must know nothing about concealed carry due to the fact that I think just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

I understand those who prefer to carry want a firearm that is less bulky as possible. But having it shaped like a smartphone is simply compounding an issue citizens and law enforcement already encounter, mistaking a smartphone for a gun.


At best, it is provocative for provocation’s sake.

Perhaps I’m quaint in my belief that guns ought to look like guns. Not a common and harmless phone most people are carrying in their pocket or hand. It’s simply asking for trouble.

When you make those who support the Second Amendment and don’t hate the NRA start raising an eyebrow and dissenting, because something that doesn’t need to exist in a certain shape will create more confusion between a harmless cell phone and a gun, perhaps you’ve gone too far.


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